7 Delicious-Smelling Perfumes That Are Safe To Use Even While You're Pregnant

When I was in the throes of my first trimester, the absolute last thing I wanted to wear was perfume. My sense of smell was in overdrive and the thought of putting on an extra scent seemed downright disgusting. But as I got further along in my pregnancy, I did start to eye my go-to Burberry bottle again. Yet, I wasn't sure if spritzing on any old fragrance on was safe. If you're wondering the same, there are perfumes that are safe for pregnancy that you can pamper yourself with, without feeling guilty.

While perfume, in general, isn't usually found on pregnancy "don't" lists, it may still be a good idea to check the label before you spritz. "There’s some concern that perfumes and other fragrances may contain a class of ingredients called phthalates, which could be harmful for baby," explained Melissa Schweiger and Annette Rubin, authors of Belli Beautiful: The Essential Guide to the Safest Health and Beauty Products for Pregnancy, Mom, and Baby, in an interview with The Bump.

So what exactly are phthalates, besides being ridiculously hard to pronounce? Phthalates are a class of chemicals commonly used in fragrances and personal care products, according to The Guardian, which reported that researchers have linked phthalates to several negative health outcomes. One recent study, conducted by researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), found some correlation with phthalates exposure and in utero penile development, according to MUSC Catalyst News.

“Certain phthalates are endocrine-disrupting compounds that act as anti-androgens, the primary male sex hormone,” explained Obstetrician Roger Newman, who directs Women's Health Research at MUSC, in an interview with Catalyst News.

With that in mind, here are seven fragrances that are phthalates-free so you have one less thing to worry about when you spritz on your favorite perfume.