7 Ponytail Mistakes You Probably Don't Even Know You're Making

Whether you’re going to the gym, making a quick run to the store, or you just need to get the hair out of your face on a particularly blustery day, a ponytail can be the best answer to many hair situations. Plus, it seems like the quick updo is making a style comeback. From Ariana Grande’s infamous half-up ponytail to Gigi Hadid’s high ponytail, it definitely looks like ponytails are having their moment. But not everyone is gifted with magically manageable hair or the expertise to craft a perfect pony. As it turns out, everyone makes ponytail mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick or thin, curly, wavy or straight, everyone is susceptible to making some of the worst cardinal sins of the hair world. Though most people know the basics to getting and maintaining healthy hair, there are probably some things you don’t even know you might be doing wrong when it comes to rocking the classic ponytail look — or the topsy tail if you’re feeling nostalgic for the ‘90s. There’s no need to toss all your hair ties just yet, because below are some of the top mistakes people make when it comes to wearing a ponytail, and how to fix them.


You Make It Too Tight

Though you may just be trying to keep your ponytail in place, you might actually be causing some real damage. Schwarzkopf's National Technical Educator, Grant Withnell told Elle that frequently wearing tight ponies can cause damage and even hair loss. Don't be afraid to loosen the hair tie and let your do breathe.


You Don't Know Your Face Shape

All ponytails are created equally, right? Not necessarily. Suave Professionals' celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho told Total Beauty that you need to find the right balance of volume and texture to compliment your particular face shape. What may flatter a square jaw might not work for an oval face.


You Prep Improperly

OIt turns out one of the biggest ponytail mistake you might be making is how you’re brushing your hair before you put it up. Stylist Sean James Deceurs told Refinery29 that brushing from the roots down causes damage and tightens tangles at the ends. Don’t just focus on getting your hair smooth at the crown when doing a ponytail.


You Get Ready In The Humidity

Many people get ready for the day, including doing your hair in the bathroom. But the bathroom may just be your hair’s worst enemy. Herbal Essences’ celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan told Glamour that since bathrooms usually don’t get enough ventilation, any leftover moisture in the air can cause your sleek ponytail to go frizzy. Retreat to your bedroom to get a frizz-free do.


You Do Nothing Post-Workout

Celeb hairstylist Chris Naselli told Bustle that the salt in your sweat that’s trapped in your hairstyle can dry out your hair if you’ve forgotten to moisturize during your post-workout shower. So make sure to hit the showers following a sweat session.


You Style When Wet

It can be super tempting to just pop your hair into a quick pony after a shower if you’re short on time, but that’s a big hair no-no. Celeb stylist Linda Flowers told Total Beauty that brushing or styling wet hair can cause it to snap or break because your hair becomes more fragile and elastic when it’s wet. Run a blow dryer through your locks or exercise a little patience.


You Don't Take A Ponytail Vacay

Just like it’s good for your mind and soul to take a little time off, your tresses need a little vacation time, too. Stephen D. Pullan, a trichologist (basically a hair specialist) at the Philip Kingsley Clinic told Refinery29 that your hair needs a break, at least one day a week, from any kind of tension or styling; otherwise your hair will eventually be damaged from being overworked.

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