7 Postpartum Sex Positions That New Moms Will Enjoy
by Autumn Jones

You've made it through 40 weeks of pregnancy, endless hours of labor, and all the way to your six week postpartum check-up where the doctor gives you the thumbs up to resume physical activity — including sex. While your partner smiles ear-to-ear in the corner of the exam room, you may be wondering just how this is going to play out. Although you've been cleared, you may have some concerns about what sex will feel like now that you have given birth. Before jumping right back into hot and heavy grinding, consider the best postpartum sex positions to keep you comfortable and satisfied.

Every woman's body is different, and after giving birth it may take some time and experimentation before sex feels exactly right again. As Mayo Clinic suggested, you should take sex slow to ease any post-birth discrmfort. Even starting with something simple like cuddling and kissing can help you build up the intensity of stimulation. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to perform like you used to before having a child. Being patient and trying out different positions are part of the process in learning what your body can and can't handle in the postpartum phase.

Once your doctor waves the flag for you to get back to business in the bedroom, get creative with these seven sex positions for postpartum moms and see what works for you.



When having sex after baby, it's best to take things slow. Missionary position is a good start to test your level of pain or comfort of doing the deed. This position serves most postpartum women well, even those who've suffered tears. But as pelvic floor physiotherapist Julia Di Paolo cautioned on Maternal Goddess, missionary is not for women recovering from a C-section, since it can pull at the stitches.



Lying on your side is a great way to make sure your stomach is protected during sex. With the guy entering from behind, this is a great choice for those who have had a C-section and may be worried about putting pressure on the incisions. As Everyday Health recommended, remember to take things slow at first and see how your body responds.


Woman On Top

To stay in control of the penetration and speed, try woman on top. Whether both of you are lying down or sitting up, this position puts less pressure on your body and allows you to experiment with how much your body is ready to handle sexually, according to What To Expect's website.


Doggy Pillow

As Women's Day pointed out, many women report a pinching feeling in their scar tissue during postpartum sex, so a position that reduces the amount of pressure at the scar site is optimal. Try doggy pillow, which is doggy style using a pile of pillows as support (and comfort) under the stomach of the woman.


Bed Edge

To keep all pressure off the front of your body, try the bed edge position, as recommended by iDiva's website. By scooting the bottom half of your body all the way to the edge of the bed, your partner can stand or kneel without putting any weight on your body.


Couch Crouch

Sometimes, the same tricks you used during pregnancy can work after birth as well. To avoid contact and pressure, climb on the couch so you can rest your arms on the back, while kneeling on the cushions, and your partner can enter from behind. This puts you in a more upright position than doggy style and nothing is touching your stomach.


Hand & Mouth

If you've tried different positions and sex is still too uncomfortable for you, it's possible you just need a little more time to heal. As Mayo Clinic suggested, you can rely on oral or manual stimulation until you are ready for penetration. Go back to basics and enjoy the many realms of sex and intimacy with your partner by taking the pressure off of the experience and going with the flow.