7 Pregnancy Sex Positions For Third Trimester

No matter what size you are during your last leg of pregnancy, it's probably safe to say you feel huge. For some women, their enlarged stature is merely a challenge and not a full blown road block in their sex lives. To which I say brava, tell me your secrets wizard. Joking aside, women in their third trimester might still want to get busy, but their usual positions are probably not going to be comfortable due to a bulging belly. Thankfully there are some pregnancy sex positions for the third trimester that maximize pleasure.

According to Baby Center it is completely safe for you to have sex during your third trimester, as long as you're having a normal pregnancy, your water hasn't broken, you have no vaginal bleeding, you don't have placenta previa, or any other medical issue related to your pregnancy. Again, you might just have to get kind of creative with how you're going to do it. I personally wanted nothing to do with sex during the last stretch because I hated life, hurt, and wanted the whole thing to just be over with.

My husband and I also were too freaked out that the baby might "feel it." Parents noted that a penis poking a baby is a complete myth, as the baby is very protected in the womb. The baby might feel rocking and be put to sleep or the extra blood flow to that area might cause some kicks after, but the baby doesn't know you're having sex (not even in the third trimester).

For those of you who do want to venture down the sex in late pregnancy path more power to you and here are seven positions you can try that will provide the most pleasure and comfort.



"With the woman lying on her left side, her partner can enter her from behind," Dr. Kameelah Phillips, M.D. and founder of OBaby! explains to Romper. "This position allows the uterus to remain off the major blood vessels and doesn't require the woman to support her body weight." Phillips does specify that a woman should lie on the left side. And although Web MD noted that either side is fine, experts agree that the left side allows for optimal circulation and won't put too much pressure on the liver.


Doggie Style

For this one, you should be comfortably on your hands and knees as you allow your partner to enter your vagina from behind. "This position is good because it alleviates any pressure on the back and uterus and minimizes the amount of movement the woman has to perform,"Phillips says.


Downward Dog

Get your yoga skills out yogi mamas, this one's for you. "A variation of hands and knees where you extend your arms in front of your body and place your head on the bed," Phillips explains. "This takes the pressure of swollen wrists and your belly."

Namaste to that.



You've probably used this position before. Women's Health explained that the benefit with this position is that being on top helps you control exactly how deeply you are penetrated, at what angle, and how fast. You are the one who currently has a very large belly, tons of pressure in the pelvis, and exhaustion to boot. You're encouraged to take control and do what feels good for you.


Reverse Cowgirl

This is your flip it and reverse cowgirl remix. All you have to do is get on top, either lying down or seated and have your back facing away from your partner as you ride. "With the 'reverse' woman on top you are able to control the depth of penetration and speed," Phillips says. "There is no pressure on the uterus and your belt bump is out of the way."


Oral Sex

You may be a little freaked about anything penetrating the vagina right now, which is totally understandable, but that doesn't mean you have to be left out of the action. Engaging in oral sex is a great way to gauge how much your lower area can handle.

One example is hovering butterfly which is just a souped up version of cunnilingus. According to Women's Health magazine, a woman is instructed to hold onto a wall or headboard for support while straddling their partner's face. You can let your partner do whatever they want, or you can control how firmly the tongue is in place and grind in whatever way feels best.


Side By Side Masturbation

This is probably the most gentle way of easing into sex and seeing what you can handle. Even though there's not actual penetration, mutual masturbation can be really intimate.

An article in Cosmopolitan suggested that you both lay on your backs, hold your partner's hand with one hand, and pleasure yourself with the other. Side by side pleasuring could be a good start so you can figure out how much pressure you can handle down there.

The most important thing to keep in mind is you should only be having sex if you feel up to it. Some women feel totally in heat with the surge of pregnancy hormones, and others report that their sex drive takes a dive. Wherever you are on the sexual spectrum, rest assured it's fine, normal, and you'll do it again when you're ready physically and emotionally.