7 Pregnancy Shaving Tips, Because Personal Hygiene Is Getting Harder These Days

I'll admit it: By the eighth month of my last pregnancy I completely abandoned all attempt at shaving my legs above the shins. Luckily for me, it was November in the Midwest so only my husband knew the difference thanks to a closet full of maternity pants and leggings. But my previous baby had come in May, so I have known the frustration of trying to tackle a full leg and bikini shave at the end of pregnancy. It ain't pretty, but sometimes, for me, it just feels necessary. Thankfully, there are some pregnancy shaving tips that can make the experience a little less miserable.

Some gestating women opt to scrape the whole endeavor and just visit a salon for a good old wax job, but let's face it: Not all of us have the guts or the cash to take it to that next level. So for every baby-growing woman out there whose home razor and shaving cream are the only option, you and I are going to need all the life hacks we can get. Without further ado, here are seven pregnancy shaving tips to get you through the end of your third trimester. (I know, it still seems impossible.)


Invest In The Best Supplies

The end of your pregnancy is no time to let your razor go dull, my friend; make sure you're using fresh, clean blades and replacing them often. And don't you dare reach for your husband's Barbasol — you're pregnant, for crying out loud, you deserve to splurge on the softest, richest shaving gel on the aisle. Not only will the proper supplies make you feel more pampered, but you're less likely to get nicks as well, noted Reader's Digest.


Don't Rush

Shaving those hard-to-reach places is going to take more time than it used to, so be sure to plan for plenty of time in the bathroom. Give yourself a buffer to get ready before leaving the house, and whatever you do, don't do a dry shave; your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy, and you're likely to have a reaction, according to What to Expect.


Use A Lotion

Remember, your skin is sensitive during this time so now is not the time to be using a ton of products for ingrown hairs or anything with unfamiliar ingredients. Applying a natural lotion that has proven to agree with your particular skin during pregnancy before and after shaving can calm the skin and help prevent redness.


Make Sure You Have Support

... and I don't mean moral support. You've probably already noticed that pregnancy messes with your balance, and the later trimesters are particularly notorious for causing dizzy spells, according to the Mayo Clinic. Sit on and against something immoveable and sturdy, and take precautions to be sure you aren't asking too much of your body. If you feel unbalanced, change positions!


Maximize Your Bath Water

Relaxing in a warm bath is not only therapeutic for the aches and pains of pregnancy, but it will serve to help soften your skin before a shave as well, noted How Stuff Works. Just make sure you don't get the water too hot, or your chances of becoming dizzy will increase.


Grab A Mirror

Yes, really. After your bump pops out, likely somewhere in the second trimester, you won't be able to see down there very well anymore. And as you near your due date? Forget about it. You're going to want a handheld mirror to do the job well.


Enlist Help

OK, obviously you're not going to ask just anyone to shave your bikini line. But if you have a sister who has seen it all anyway, she might be willing to get the tough spots for you. (May I suggest actually wearing bikini bottoms for this endeavor?) Some husbands or partners may be down for it as well — and who knows, it might lead to something more fun.