7 Punny Couples Halloween Costumes That'll Get Everyone Laughing

Sometime it's fun to dress up as scary or sexy Halloween characters. And other times, you and your partner just want to ham it up. If this is one of those jokey years, consider a punny Halloween costume for couples. But be forewarned: these puns are not for those with a delicate sense of humor. They are bad.

With a mix of store-bought costumes, DIY looks, and some that are a little in-between, there's sure to be a punny costume that will suit you and your partner. Whether you like to go all-out with an elaborate costume or just throw on an amusing t-shirt for the occasion, these ideas have you covered. Best of all, they are based on the lamest, most Dad-jokey puns imaginable. Because if you can't make your friends laugh, at least you can make them groan.

You can become the living incarnations of Netflix and chill, pigs in a blanket, or even online dating sites names. By embracing the corniness of these phrases and costumes, you and your SO can laugh at the lighter side of this spooky holiday. What's more, these looks are memorable. In years to come, you and your friends will still all remember the time you and your partner dressed as "panda-monium" for Halloween.


Newly Webs

Perfect for the recently married couple. First, get a cute spider costume ($50) or creepy spider costume ($44). Add some spiderweb pantyhose ($10), veil ($18), and boo-quet ($15) for the spider bride. The spider groom would look fitting with a smart top hat ($10).


You Are What You Eat

Dress as your favorite foods. The peanut butter and jelly costume ($30) is a classic couple's look, and you can always accessorize with fun jewelry. These matching sandwich necklaces ($28) are cute and fitting.


Pigs In A Blanket

It's so bad, it's fantastic. Get a couple of pig costumes ($40) and snouts ($5), then throw a blanket ($20) over the both of you. If nothing else, you'll be the most comfortable people at your Halloween party.


Netflix & Chill

This is still a thing, right? The first partner can put on a Netflix shirt ($15), red pants ($20), and an "Are You Still Watching?" pin ($2) to pull together the first costume. Partner two can wear a Chill shirt ($15), popsicle skirt ($21), and icicles earrings ($15). Now your costume duo is cool as ice.


Crazy (About) Cat Ladies

Are you and your SO both a bit crazy for cats? Perfect. This is your chance to overdo it on the cat puns. Start off with a "You've Cat To Be Kitten Me" shirt ($10) or "You're Freaking Meowt" top ($22). An ears headband ($10) and cat claw rings ($9) can help you become the coolest cats around.


Tinder Match & Plenty Of Fish

One partner dresses as a tree ($35) and accessorizes with a fire hat ($16) and matchstick jewelry ($4). The other partner channels an entire aquarium's worth of fish for their costume. Start with a fish print shirt ($26) and scale skirt ($13), then finish the look with a ridiculous fish hat ($10).



Grab a couple of panda costumes ($90) or panda hoodies ($34). Obtain a bunch of distracting props such as confetti poppers ($4), noisemakers ($3), and some light-up necklaces ($1). Then you and your SO can delight (or annoy) everyone else on Halloween with your pandemonium.