7 Punny Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Keep People Laughing


When it's time to dress your kids for Halloween, you can choose costumes that are scary, cute, or on trend. But sometimes it's fun to go for costumes that are essentially dad jokes in the flesh. These punny sibling Halloween costume ideas may get a few groans, but chances are they will be remembered for years to come. Because doesn't everyone secretly love a good (or bad) pun?

What's more, these costume ideas can serve as a starting point for your own creations, which can be as elaborate or simple as you please. Sure, some kids love getting elaborate costumes for Halloween, but if your little ones are budding comedians, these jokey looks may be the right choice for them. In a sea of superheroes, princesses, and creepy creatures, your children can stand out with their funny, punny choices.

And what better way to promote sibling bonding than by encouraging your kiddos to collaborate on their costumes? After all, shared costumes are the sort of experience that just gets better with time. Sure, the pictures from these silly costumes will be great right away, but by the time your kids are young adults, the pics from this night will be worth their weight in gold.

1Toucan Play That Game

Have both of your kids dress up in a toucan costume ($20) and carry around sporting equipment. For maximum punnage, include badminton rackets and a birdie ($14).

2Fast Food

Deck out your kids in running shoes ($29) and food costumes. A hamburger ($19) and fries ($55) would be a fun combo.

3Cereal Killer

Dress one kid in a cereal t-shirt ($14) with a cereal necklace ($15) or other accessories. Give the other one a creepy costume ($23) and big spoon ($10).

4Brain Storm

Find a brain costume for one kid, or use a t-shirt ($17) and hat ($19) with an image of a brain on it. Throw in a brain tote ($18) to use as a handy trick-or-treat bag. Have the sibling dress in a rain poncho ($14) and carry around an umbrella ($21). Some stormy jewelry ($23) can round out the look.

5Cool Cat & Hot Dog

Your first child can get decked out in a cat costume ($40) with plenty of cold-weather accessories such as a scarf ($10) and ear muffs ($9). And the sibling can dress in a dog costume ($35) with warm-weather gear like a Hawaiian shirt ($18) and lei ($5).

6Spelling Bee

One kid can dress up in an alphabet shirt ($16) and letter jewelry ($25), and the other one can use a bee costume ($16). Have the bee kid spell out words all night. Also: you'll probably be tempted to sing Blind Melon's "No Rain" all night, and your kids will have no idea why.

7Rock & Roll

One kid dresses up as a boulder ($32). Throw in some geode accessories ($25) if you wish. The second kid rides around the neighborhood in stroller or wagon. Punny shirts ($20) are encouraged. Boom: you're ready for Halloween.