7 Questions To Figure Out What 'Game Of Thrones' House Your Child Is In

While Game of Thrones may not be as child-friendly as some other series on television, that doesn't mean that you don't watch it, right? Often times, I'll find myself wondering which side of the war I'd be on if I were thrust into the throes of the series. But what about children? Can they be classified into Game of Thrones houses? Absolutely. All you have to do is answer a few questions to figure out what Game of Thrones house your child is in.

Feel free to adapt these questions for yourself, too. We all have a house we think we'd be in, right? Like most people, I think I'd be a Stark. (Mostly because I'd probably be dead by now.) But if we're being honest, I'm probably more of a Lannister-Martell hybrid. (The same dilemma holds true in the land of Harry Potter, I assume I'm a Gryffindor, but every test tells me I'm a Slytherin.) Whether your child is a powerful little tyke, or prefers to let other people take control, there's room for them in the Game of Thrones universe. Just be careful what you wish for, because once you figure out which house your child belongs in, you may never see them the same way again.


Is Your Child Unafraid Of Epic Temper Tantrums?

If so, they're probably a Baratheon. Though the Baratheon clan is certainly a force of nature, they don't always think twice before enlisting powers of evil to aide them in their quest. Occasionally, they're willing to off a sibling in their quest to be the best. They probably have a strong following on the playground, partially because the other kids are enamored with your child's confidence, and partially because they're terrified of crossing your child.


Is Your Child A Natural Born Leader?

If so, they're probably a Targaryen. Your child is flexible in any situation, can handle talking to all kinds of people, and has a natural curiosity about the world... especially dragons.


Is Your Child A Warrior?

Whether they're tackling her greatest fears without a second thought, or defending the honor of others after school, your child's probably a Martell. With a long line of warrior queens in their history, the Martells are the envy of everyone. Confident and strong, chances are they learned from you how to handle any and every situation. Snaps for that fine pedigree.


Is Your Child On The Sinister Side?

If your child is troubled, could possibly throw a coup, and doesn't keep their sinister side a secret, then they're a Bolton. House Bolton makes no apologies for their reputation and, like everyone else, they've got their eye on the throne. They just have an unconventional way of getting to the top.


Is Your Child Absurdly Good?

If your child has an obsession with doing the right thing, and being kind to everyone around them, they're definitely a Stark. Dignity and honor will help them gain the respect of everyone around them, but it can also be their downfall. A Stark child is often labeled as a goody two-shoes, and can gain the negative attention of others for being too good. Don't worry. One day, winter will come for all the haters.


Is Your Child Quick Witted?

Cool, cunning, unbelievably quick witted? Your child is a Lannister. Best of luck with this one. (I'm kidding... mostly.) You can rest assured that your child is a smart cookie, and that they'll use those smarts to get exactly what they want. As long as they don't get too caught up in being clever.


Is Your Child The Life Of The Party?

When you think of good times, you think of House Tyrell. Beautiful, with the rose as their symbol, the Tyrell family keeps it jovial, for the most part. That's the thing about Tyrell children is that they're incredibly good at distracting you with their joyful noise, so you don't ever really know what they're planning.