7 Rainy Day Hairstyles That'll Weather The Storm

It’s a good thing that rainwater is essential for the earth’s well-being, because it sure does suck in a lot of other ways. A grey, gloomy day can be a total buzzkill, and the rain can ruin not just your good mood but your plans, your shoes, and your hair. Talk about a buzzkill: spending an hour or two locked in the bathroom with thermal spray, a blow dryer, and a flatiron, only to see all your hard work fall flat the moment you step outside. But that’s where rainy day hairstyles come into play.

There are two ways to approach your rainy day hairstyle. You can try to tell those locks what to do by slicking them back, spraying them in place, and twisting them into a chic, sleek bun. (Just make sure you have the right products on hand or that sleekness will turn to frizz at the first sign of clouds in the sky.) The other approach involves manipulating your mane into braids, ponytails, and updos that are chic, messy, boho — all those good things. These are styles that are meant to look loose and carefree on sunny and rainy days alike. So get your tools ready — it’s time to bring it on, rain!


Low Ponytail

A low pony is great for long or medium-length hair. Letting those in-between locks hang loosely around your face is so pretty, and you won't have to worry about pinning it all into place.


Fishtail Braid

Chances are you may be rocking a fishtail braid regardless of the weather. It just so happens that the look will stay fresh despite the rain and humidity.


Braids, Braids, Braids

It doesn't have to be a fishtail if you're looking for styles that will outlast the frizziest of rainy days. Make friends with different kinds of braids, from milkmaid braids to cornrows.


Loose Up-Do

Although a sleek, classic chignon is a risky style to attempt on a frizzy-hair-weather-day, a messy up-do is much more feasible and likely to last.


Messy Bun

One you've learned how to master the messy bun, this look might be your best friend on rainy and sunny days alike.


Sleek Bun

On the flip side of the messy bun is one that's been twisted, slicked, and sprayed into place. In other words, you're showing your hair who's boss.



This style isn't just for kids; celebs like Lily Aldridge and Lana Del Rey are killing it in pigtails. And the construct of the style (hair divided and pulled into two braids) will make it hard for frizz to escape and ruin that special, pigtail-inspired joie de vivre.

Images: jiunn kang too/Flickr; paulmitchellus, paulmitchellus, kerateseusa, redken5thave, redken5thave, redken5thave, lanadelrey/Instagram