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7 Reasons Albus Severus Should Be A Slytherin, Despite His Gryffindor Roots

As the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child draws near and anticipation grows, the more fans start to speculate on what is going to happen. A big question buzzing around is which house will Albus Severus, Harry Potter's youngest son, be sorted into. Will we be seeing inside the walls of Gryffindor again? Or will the young Potter boy be sorted into Slytherin? After reading around a few forums it's easy to start coming up with plenty of reasons Albus Severus should be in Slytherin. I even have to admit to being peculiarly interested in seeing what Slytherin is all about especially from inside and what better way than seeing it through the eyes of Albus Severus Potter?

In all honesty, the house is portrayed in the worst light and it's members are sometimes looked upon like monsters. Well, at least from Harry's point of view. But it's not like Hogwarts would purposefully create a house dedicated to creating evil Witches and Wizards. I think it's about time J.K. Rowling showed the house a bit of love and compassion. My personal preference? I'd like to see him in Ravenclaw, but that's just house pride coming through. But for the sake of the story, here are seven reasons Albus Severus should become a Slytherin.


Family Legacies Are Hard To Bear

Albus's entire lineage hails from Gryffindor, and with that comes a lot of pressure to continue on the family legacy. And let's not forget, Albus already has an older brother sorted into Gryffindor, perhaps he doesn't want to be overshadowed, or maybe even tormented by his older brother.


We'd Get To Know Scorpius Malfoy

This is of course assuming that the young Malfoy will be sorted into Slytherin as well. But I'm super keen on the idea of a Potter and a Malfoy becoming best buds.


It'd Show That Slytherins Aren't Evil, Just Ambitious

Like I said earlier. I would really like Rowling to dispel Slytherin of being pure evil. Yes, canonically many evil witches and wizards came from the house, but that is most likely because the number one attribute of the house is ambition — a trait that can often get you involved in some unsavory situations in order to survive. I'd like to see some young witches and wizards using that ambition to learn and understand the magical world rather than take it over.


His Name Screams Slytherin

All those "s's" are meant to be hissed.


It'd Shine A Light On Slytherin Attributes

The only way we'll ever see Slytherin cast in a positive light, is if Albus gets sorted into the house. In doing so, readers would be exposed to Slytherin's many attributes like loyalty, cunning minds, and being far too smart for their own good. Almost sounds like Gryffindor, don't they?


It Could Be A Chance To Heal Old Wounds

The second wizarding war had a huge number of casualties. Many Slytherin parents, grangparents, and great grandparents died on what was considered the wrong side. There may be lingering resentment, and a strong urge from house members to prove their worth, which could lead to some really interesting story telling. And maybe even some healing between the houses.


It Allows Albus To Create His Own Legacy

From a narrative stand point it's the best move to make. If Albus ends up in Gryffindor, readers can expect the story to be very similar to the first round, with with less "he-who-shall-not-be-named" mumbo jumbo. Readers need to see the story from a fresh point of a view. They need to see young Albus create his own path, and what better way than placing him in a house so foreign to his family members and readers alike.