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Why Alexis Is The Best 'Bachelor' Contestant Ever

Whenever a new season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette starts up, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the contestants. There are so many to choose from in those early episodes and every contestant has to do what they can to stand out from the crowd. That can mean bizarre introductions (riding in on a camel, anyone?), hilarious soundbites (I'm going to need someone to embroider half the things Corinne says on pillows), and cultivating a distinct, TV-ready personality. But sometimes it means something better than all of that. Sometimes it means shark costumes. Some may say it's too early to call it, but here are seven reasons Alexis is the best Bachelor contestant of all time.

Perhaps Alexis' name has slipped your mind (there are so many names to learn, after all), but her first impression can never be forgotten. In the very first episode of Season 21, Alexis rolled up to the Bachelor mansion in a full body shark costume and a pair of pumps and proceeded to spend the entire rest of the night in it. She was probably more comfortable than she would have been in a cocktail dress, and she definitely set herself apart at the same time. Which brings me to reason number one...

1. She Dressed Up Like A Shark

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Alexis' introductory look is going to be one that lingers in the minds of Bachelor viewers for a very long time.

2. It Was Supposed To Be A Dolphin Costume

Alexis loves dolphins so much that one of her first lines to Nick was that she "dolphinately" couldn't wait to talk to him more later. Dolphins are apparently her greatest passion in life, so it makes some kind of sense that she would want to dress up as one. Except it seems that despite her deep love of the animal, Alexis could not tell the difference between a shark costume and a dolphin costume. The news that she had accidentally chosen the former had to be gently broken to her by Nick.

3. She's An "Aspiring Dolphin Trainer"

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Alexis is not a dolphin trainer. She does not appear to work in any kind of a maritime industry. It is merely an aspiration of hers, but one that is strong enough that she listed it as her occupation in her Bachelor bio. That's pretty bold and kinda awesome.

4. She Didn't Know What A Shotgun Wedding Was

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Alexis assumed "shotgun wedding" meant she would just do some sexy posing with a gun, but based on how things turned out, she wasn't totally wrong.

5. She Delivered On The Photoshoot Anyway

Once Alexis strapped on her baby bump, she was game for anything and delivered (no pun intended) some seriously funny photos.

6. She Celebrates Her Boobs' Birthday

Taking the euphemism "twins" to a whole new level, Alexis chose to celebrate the one year anniversary of her boob job with Nick, two cupcakes, and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday."

7. She Has An Adorable Dog

Not the most unique attribute, but still: that dog is crazy cute.

Bottom line: Alexis is having fun with all the challenges The Bachelor is bringing her way, and that drama-free goofiness is a nice alternative to how things usually go on the show. More please!