7 Reasons I Don't Want You To Buy My Kid Toys

Anyone who's been to my house can attest to the fact that my kids have no shortage of toys. From American Girl everything (that no one plays with), to every Lego ever made (that everyone argues over), my kids are good in the toy department for about 700 years. Not only do they have more than enough, they're constantly bored and, like, how? I've noticed a pattern of overindulgence for some time, thanks to generous family members who can't help themselves, and that's just one reason I don't want you to buy my kid toys. Ever.

Don't get me wrong, we're grateful for everything people have given our children. They've received gifts at times we couldn't necessarily afford to spend the extra money. Growing up, my brother and I didn't have as many things as my kids do now, and maybe that's why I feel less attached to things than my partner, who just-so-happened to be an only child who got mostly whatever he asked for. When I do spend the money on something, I treat it as an investment, no matter what role it plays in our everyday lives. If only my kids felt the same.

Unfortunately, and over time, I've noticed my babies seem to fall more towards the extreme. They accumulate all these toys people have bought for them, sometimes take care of them, and sometimes have more fun with actual sticks instead. With that in mind, here are some other reasons I don't want you to buy my kids toys:

Because They Won't Play With Them...

No matter how much either of my kids begs for a specific toy, I know how it's going to end up. With the exception of a small, lucky few, every toy we own ends up collecting dust. It's sad, really. On some rare occasion, there's a toy that lasts longer than a day or two, and that's because my youngest is the one who'll play with almost anything.

But please, oh please, save your money or whatever you buy will only be enjoyed the length of one episode of The Bachelorette.

...And If They Do, The Joy Is Short-Lived

I love making my kids happy and I'd do damn-near anything for them to be happy all the time. However, during my 10 years of motherhood I've realized certain things don't provide that happiness for very long. My oldest is notorious for begging for something, giving it all of her attention for about 24 hours, and then she's done. If you're thinking of buying her something, don't. I promise you ,it'll become part of her closet pile (also known as the forgotten pile we don't speak of).

Because They'll Break Them Almost Instantly

It's always really fun when I'm the one buying my kid a "must-have" toy to reward them for a good report card or completed chores, only to have them accidentally destroy it as soon as we're in the car.

Because They Don't Appreciate The Sentiment

I love my kids. I also know the way they react to gestures is on me and how I've raised them to behave. Though I've tried my hardest to teach them gratitude, there are times they don't show it.

For the most part, they're good about saying "thank you" to whomever buys them something, but sometimes, and usually the moment is gone, they're over it. I wish it weren't so, but in giving them more things, it only re-enforces this. So again, please don't.

Because They'd Rather Play With The Boxes They Came In

Nearly all kids, including mine, prefer any packaging an expensive toy comes in to the actual toy. I don't know why this is (other than to unintentionally make us feel bad) but if you really want to get my kids something, give them a fancy bag with tissue paper inside. Nothing else.

Because We're Out Of Toy Space

I can't stress this enough: we're out of space. I understand there's Christmas and birthdays coming up , and some people aren't in favor of giving money or something less special, but I'm begging you. Begging you, guys. I don't use the phrase "stuffed to the gills" often (never, actually), but that's what we are with toys. If you must buy the kids something, please let it be that of an experiences to make memories. You know, the kind that don't need physical space in our home.

Because We'd Rather You Invest In Their Future Instead

We so appreciate the sentiment when someone cares enough about our kids to want to buy them a toy or something, but how about an investment in their future instead of another doll my daughter's outgrown? Maybe in the form of a savings bond or college account contribution, perhaps? Those things would benefit either child far more than the gifts they've received over the years that haven't so much as made an appearance since the day they got them.

Next time any friends or family get the urge to spend in favor of my children, we beg of you: don't. If anything, we have more than enough blessings, so donate the money you would've spent to a charity or organization that helps those in need.