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This Dark Horse Candidate Is The One To Beat On 'Dancing With The Stars'

In all honesty, when it comes to Dancing With the Stars, I'm a die-hard Grocery Store Joe (Amabile) fan. I'm acutely aware he has zero skill, and I don't care. But if I were to call the winner here and now — especially after Monday night's episode — I have to deviate (sorry, Joe) and it's not towards who you think I'll say. Actually, I have some pretty firm reasons Milo Manheim will win on DWTS alongside pro partner Witney Carson, and it pains me slightly to admit it.

Sure, there have been other standouts. If Milo doesn't win, I'm calling Juan Pablo and pro partner, Cheryl Burke. This pair has also been consistent with high scores week after week. And like Milo and Witney, they haven't been in jeopardy of going home (i.e. they've been safe every week). However, it's clear people want more of Alexis Ren and pro partner, Alan Bersten — especially after Alexis admitted to having feelings for Alan. She's already been a frontrunner with her background in ballet, but I can't help but wonder if the "showmance" aspect will be the pair's downfall. With that said, I thought Mary Lou Rhetton could've been a contender, too, but that's what I said about Tinashe and look how things turned out for them. Take my prediction with a grain of salt because if I could call it without bias, I'd give good, 'ol Joe the Mirrorball for no other reason than he's trying so hard.

The truth is — if you're paying attention — no other Season 27 cast member has what Milo has. Let me break down why, despite the competition, I think Milo will win.

He's The Most Consistent

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OK, so Milo didn't have the highest score on Week 1, but his and Witney's scores have remained fairly high throughout. Actually, his biggest competitors, in terms of judge's numbers, continues to be Juan Pablo and Alexis Ren. He's already danced a wide variety of difficult dances and isn't at the bottom of the leaderboard (and hasn't been). Sorry, Joe.

There's No Romance In The Way

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It's great if other dancers develop feelings on and off the dance floor, but for Milo, not doing so may work to his advantage. Not only can he focus more on the dancing, there are no awkward questions to answer afterwards.

He's Adaptable

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I have yet to see something this kid can't do. Throw him a Charleston and he acts like he's been doing it forever. Give him a contemporary and he holds Witney in the air with one freakin' hand. I mean, what? There's only room left to grow here, people, so get out of his way.

Perfect Scores Much?

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I can't skate by the fact that Juan Pablo got the first perfect score of the season with a samba. But you've already seen what Juan Pablo can do. I think Milo's got some tricks up his sleeve that the audience hasn't seen. He's saving it to stack up those 10s from here on out. Bet.

He's Multi-Talented

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According to Hollywood Life, Milo's been in "15 musicals with Liza Monjauze Productions." And aside from acting, singing, and dancing, he can play "guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, as well as wind instruments." And, as his website says, he is an advocate for teen suicide prevention while also working for various other charitable organizations. Sorry, Joe, but this kid's got my vote now.

He Gets The Younger Base Hyped

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As the youngest contestant on a show typically viewed by those in the 18-49 demographic, Milo may be responsible for pulling in viewers outside of the key demographic. Over the years, DWTS has skewed older but it's apparent they've been trying to remedy that (especially with the addition of DWTS Juniors). Maybe Disney Channels fans aren't exactly tuning in to an adult dancing competition — but their parents are. Speaking from personal experience, when I know someone from a show my kids watch, I might root for them (even if they are up against my favorite Bachelor alum).

He's Quietly Working His Way Up

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Name a contestant with more potential to take the trophy. Go ahead, I'll wait. You heard it here first: Milo didn't come to mess around. He's definitely winning this thing.

Ok or maybe Juan Pablo or Alexis. I'm not a psychic.