7 Reasons Not To Be Embarrassed About Having Sex In Public Places


If there's one thing I've learned while learning about the sex positive movement, it's that if you like it, it's healthy, and your partner likes it, then you shouldn't be embarrassed. Whether it's a certain position, prop, toy, fantasy, or place, you've got no reason to be embarrassed. Your sex life is your sex life, and you should be able to love what you're doing without feeling a hint of shame. Even if you're into having sex in public. Yeah, that's right. There are even reasons not to be embarrassed about having sex in public places. Because let me tell you, you're not the only out there who gets excited thinking about doing the deed outdoors, or in an alley, or in the backseat where you're parked somewhere slightly dangerous.

Of all the sexual fantasies that exist, Bustle reported that having sex in public is fairly common. So don't let anyone who gets freaked out by the idea get you down. If it gets you going? Get to it! Just don't get caught. Please don't get caught, because if you get caught having sex in public, the act of having sex in public becomes decidedly less fun than it's supposed to be. So I'm going to map out a plan for you, so you no longer have to feel embarrassed about having sex in public places.

1It's Hot


Seriously, it's hot. If you like having sex in public, there's a good chance you think it's hot too. That excitement, that anticipation, that feeling like you're doing something a little bit wrong? Super hot. Own it.

2It's Adventurous


Who doesn't love a little adventure? Don't be afraid to boldly go where so many have gone before.

3It Checks Something Off Your Bucket List


Yes, dust off that bucket list you made in college and cross "having sex in public" right off of it. Ah, feel that sense of accomplishment.

4It's Pretty Common


Having sex in public is one of the most common female sexual fantasies out there, so there's no need to feel ashamed for wanting to join in on the fun.

5It Makes A Good Story


Imagine 30 years from now, looking back and being able to tell your friends about the time you had sex at the Eiffel Tower. Now that's a story.

6It Means You Can Start Slow


You don't have to go to the park down the street and have sex for your first time having sex in public. Try staying at home, and opening up the blinds. Or taking your tryst to the backyard. Start slow, and ease into your foray into public.

7It's Exciting


The thrill that someone might come around the corner and catch you at any time? Yowza. That's exciting as all get out. Of course you don't actually want to get caught, but the idea of it... yes.