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7 Reasons Not To Be Embarrassed About Liking Role Play

With the current state of affairs, everyone can use a little break from reality now and again. One way to get yourself out of the real world and inside your wildest fantasy is to role play in bed. And before you throw me judgey eyes, you should know the days of role play being considered "freaky" are long gone. In fact, reasons not to be embarrassed about liking role play include your higher state of enlightenment.

Not only is consent hot AN, but planning an intimate fantasy where you and your partner set some ground rules is hotter. And role play doesn't mean you think your partner is boring, or that you're unsatisfied with your sex life. If you like role play, you're probably a former theatre nerd, gamer, or are really, really into dress-up. Or maybe you're creative in every way possible, from the way you order your burrito to the way you like your sex.

No matter which way you take the horizontal tango, always remember that sex is about getting off. And I don't mean having an amazing orgasm, though that's awesome too. I mean letting go of all the judgment and self-analysis and critical thinking women like me are so prone to. Sex, especially role play sex, is a time to be true to yourself while letting your body indulge in complete pleasure. Never be embarrassed about how you like it. And, if role play is your thing, you've got these things going for you.


It's A Sign Of Intimacy

Dr. Ian Kerner told Cosmopolitan "all good role-playing starts with sharing your fantasy." In order to really let loose, you have to open up, be vulnerable, and explain, at least to the best of your ability, what turns you on about your fantasy role. I'm talking major intimacy here, and if you've got that with your partner, you should be proud.


It Keeps You Young

I don't know about you guys, but I totally played pretend and staged plays and performances with my middle school friends. Sexy role-playing is nostalgic, and keeps me in touch with my inner-kid.


It Makes You Empathic

It's not only super fun to let go of yourself, and put the selfie stick away, it's noble. This isn't about you. This is about your fantasy self. And it's about what The Empathy Exams' author Leslie Jamison calls experiencing those "discrete edges" of empathy—you know, when you step into someone else's shoes.


It Broadens Your Imagination

According to Psychology Today, people who role play have a highly developed imagination. The article continues, claiming imagination is a form of fundamental cognition that makes human life possible.


It Lets You Be Submissive Or Dominant, Or Both

One of the most common types of role play, at least in mainstream culture, revolves around the interplay of dominance and submission. Acclaimed sex writer, Tristan Taormino penned The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge that explains how hot role play can be.


It Isn't That Different From The Everyday

When you get caught up in a really good book, or can't stop thinking about your favorite alternate universe (even if it's fictional), according to Psychology Today, you're basically using the same type of cognitive functions as when you role play.


It's Like Taking A Free Vacation

Clinical sexologist Laurie Bennett-Cook told Bustle that your "imagination has the ability to take us places that are otherwise unrealistic. Through creative role play and an open mind, most fantasies can be creatively acted out."

Not only is role play nothing to be embarrassed about, it shows your open mind, and can transport you and your trusted partner to a land far, far away. Which is a lot cheaper than a Caribbean cruise.