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7 Reasons Not To Be Embarrassed About Liking Rough Sex

There's nothing wrong with run-of-the-mill sex, but spicing it up a bit can be, well, hot. There are tons of reasons not be embarrassed about liking rough sex, but chief among them is your sex life should never make you feel anything but pleasure.

And toss any kind of notions you have about the "type of woman who has rough sex." Unless you're policing the bedrooms of your friends, neighbors, or family (which, by the way, is wrong on so many levels) you never know what's going on behind closed doors. And nor should you! When sex is between two consenting adults, how they do it is their business. Your sex life shouldn't define you—after all, having sex is only one of the many activities in your busy schedule.

I don't know about you, but rough sex is like a jolt of adrenaline and makes me feel like I've had a really awesome workout. "Sex scars," those thumb-sized bruises or a sore throat from giving extra deep oral, serve as reminders of a steamy session and keep me remembering just how much I liked it. And that's not all. There are pros to having rough sex, which outweigh any potential embarrassment. And if any one tries to shame you for liking things a little rough in the bedroom, just share of the many reasons why there's nothing to be embarrassed about.


It's Kinky, Which Can Be Hot

Listen to acclaimed erotic writer Rachel Kramer Bussel write about liking it rough and tell me it doesn't turn you on.

"He’ll grab my hair, yank it hard, pushing and pulling me like a puppet, and I love it. Actually, love is an understatement. The more dominant he is, the further I want him to go."

As Bussel noted in The Frisky, where she wrote about this experience, rough sex gives a kinky thrill like no other.


It Keeps You In The Moment

Sometimes when you're doing it, you find yourself checking out and thinking about the list of chores you haven't gotten to. But when you're being stimulated roughly, trust me, you're 100 percent focussed on the moment. Go on, find your Nirvana.


It Gives You A Glowing Complexion

A slap on the face during sex can be fun and get your cheeks flushed, as long as you and your partner feel safe with each other. (Trust is a must if you're going to get rough.)


It Helps You Appreciate Your Body

Once you've had your booty smacked during a rough sex session, you'll have extra appreciation for that junk in the trunk.


It Is More Common Than You Think

Cosmopolitan noted that 57 percent of women are "turned on by the idea of forceful sex." It's 2016, and people understand that just because you like to be dominated in bed doesn't mean you want to be degraded in any other context. It also doesn't mean there's anything "damaged" about you. Rough sex just gets you (and a lot more women than you think) excited.


It Allows You To Let Go

Talk dirty, give your partner a slap, tug some hair, or let your partner pull yours.


It Is Your Business

Remember that even if you like to dominate in bed, you're not bossy, you're the boss. And if you like to be dominated, the same adage holds true. It's your body and however you want to use it between the sheets is totally your business.

Haters can try to make you feel embarrassed. But they just don't know what they're missing.