7 Reasons Not To Be Embarrassed About Liking Sex As A Mom

The relationship between moms and sex needs a makeover. As a matter of fact, while researching this article, it was easier to find information on why moms dislike sex and all the ways they try to avoid having sex. Now, I understand that some of these are tongue-in-cheek, but it still raised a good question: could it be that these cheeky blogs and lists are causing the woman who are totally digging sex to feel embarrassed, like they are outsiders? Because there are so many reasons not to be embarrassed about liking sex as a mom, and plenty of evidence that proves sex is the magic elixir every mom needs.

Although sex might not be your preferred topic of dinner conversation when your in-laws come to visit, there is certainly no shame in admitting to anyone that you're a mom who enjoys a healthy sex life. If you've struggled with finding comfort with this subject, just frame it as taking excellent care of yourself. Let's face it — sex feels good. But beyond tingles and orgasms, sex can be good for your body, mind, and soul. So all this time you've actually been boosting your health while having fun. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Before you let anyone cast a shadow of doubt on your feelings about sex, check out these seven reasons you should not be embarrassed to be a mom who likes sex, and let everyone in on the glorious reasons they should get to knockin' boots ASAP.


You're A Grown Up

You're a grown-ass woman and when it comes to your sex life, you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself. As Psych Central pointed out, " if you are interested in a lifetime of healthy sexual energy, thinking and talking about your relationship with sex is enormously fruitful." So check any signs of embarrassment at the door, and open yourself to a healthy attitude toward your sexuality.


You're Not Alone

No mom (or any woman for that matter) should have to feel shame about wanting, enjoying, or talking about sex. As long as it is your choice, and you are with a partner who makes you feel safe, sex is something that should be a healthy part of your life. The more people who project a positive attitude about sex, the more normalized the subject will become.


It's A Stress Release

Being a parent comes with many stressors, and while you may not have time to find your zen through an hour meditation, you can decrease your stress levels with a quick romp in the bedroom. As Psychology Today reported, sex reduces stress by releasing endorphins — or "feel good" hormones — to the brain. As a great big thank you, your brain tells your body to relax and feel good.


You Feel Like A Woman

As much as you love being a mom, sometimes you want to be reminded that a sexy woman still lives beneath those faded yoga pants. Being open and excited about sex makes you feel more like the woman you are and less like the mom jeans commercial.


It's Healthy

Sex isn't just a good time, it's like your body's natural medicine cabinet. According to Women's Health, there are health benefits to sex that women can get excited about. Some of the awesome rewards of having an orgasm include fewer colds, less small aches, and sounder sleep — which gives you three more reasons to hop between the sheets ASAP.


It Helps You Connect With Your Partner

Being a mom is full time, round the clock work. Little people demand your attention all the time. So when you have the time to connect on an intimate level with your partner, it's a nice break from refilling water cups and refereeing sibling battles.


It Puts You In Control

As Dr. Michael Krychman, certified sexual counselor and sexual-medicine gynecologist told Refinery 29, "being sex positive is all about embracing that sexuality is a very important part of who you are," as well as knowing what you like and how to stay safe. When you feel in control of your sexuality, you are free to have more fun.