7 Reasons Not To Be Embarrassed About Loving Missionary

It's 2016, which means that in this day and age, the different ways to have sex are, well, they're numerous. And a lot of those ways? They're out of the box. As in, crazy, intense, acrobatic, internet-oriented, kama-sutra lovin', slightly dangerous methods to having sex. In a society where you can't seem to settle on anything less than the best, it seems even your sex life is trying to outdo itself with whips, and chains, and forced flexibility. What ever happened to the missionary position? Loving missionary is nothing to be ashamed of. There are plenty of reasons not to be embarrassed about loving missionary, because the missionary position has had its merits from day one.

Missionary might be dubbed as boring or lame, but in my humble sexual opinion, missionary can be every bit as wildly satisfying as any of the positions in the Kama Sutra. And sometimes even more satisfying than any of those positions. On the search for bigger and better, it's easy to forget that the most traditional position of all can also be the best position of all, regardless of your sexual proclivities. From intimacy to communication, read on, and rediscover the glorious wonders of the missionary position.


The Intimacy

Missionary is one of the most intimate positions out there. You're face to face, nearly every part of your bodies are touching, you're in the perfect position for intimacy. It's traditional, but it's intimate as hell.


The Simplicity

I don't always need a crazy position to get me going. Sometimes, I just want old fashioned sex. Sometimes, I just want to do it and do it well, without worrying about whether I'm holding my leg in the right position for this idea, or if it should be approximately 45 degrees to the left, and oh God, charley horse...


The Control

Missionary is a position that fights for equality and control for both genders. Women can grab a hold of their partner's backside and control the pace. Men can pin their partner's arms and take control of the course of action. It's a volley of control with missionary, which is rare when it comes to sex positions.


The Visibility

Not only can you read your partner's face in the missionary position, but you can read their body language too. No need for mirrors, or cameras. Just your eyes. Leave the lights on and go wild.


The Variety

Though missionary gets a bad rap for being a boring position, there are plenty of ways to spice it up. Lift up a leg or two, sit up, speed up, slow it down. You've got options with missionary that don't require props or multiple surfaces. Or the flexibility of a gymnast.


The Communication

Remember what I said about visibility ? The same goes for communication. Being in a somewhat traditional position affords you the ability to reach to each other's movements a little bit better. Communicating your needs verbally and nonverbally is just easier when you're in the missionary position.


The Safety

While I'm sure a few sex-related injuries have been sustained while doing the deed in the missionary position, it's the safest out of all of them. There's slim to no chance of falling off or onto anything, getting rug burn, or getting a concussion after attempting to balance on an armchair. Missionary will keep you safe and satisfied.