7 Reasons To Consider Going Commando, Other Than Not Having Done Your Laundry In Days

Do you ever think about how awesome it would be to never have to wear underwear again? Fantasize about what it would be like to go commando for a week? Would you love to throw all your panties in the trash and never have to think about them ever again? Going sans underwear is a totally valid option, and there are a lot of reasons to consider going commando that don’t have anything to do with laundry day. Face it — underwear is annoying AF. It rides up your butt (or your vagina), the material can be super itchy, and it’s ridiculously expensive, considering that it’s, like, a single scrap of fabric.

But you don’t have to let fear or trepidation stop you from ditching your undies. And while you may worry that going commando might be uncomfortable or messy, there’s actually plenty of motivation for you to live a panty-free life if it’s something you want to do. Everyone should feel free (pun intended) to live a life unencumbered by unnecessary swaths of fabric. Go on, reclaim your naughty bits from being suffocated by lacy underthings. Here are seven reasons you might want to stop wearing underwear and free your vag.


You Want To

You’re a grown-ass person. Do what you want.


You Want To Get a Little Air Down There

Swamp crotch is gross. Let your bits breathe.


You’re Not Into Visible Panty Lines

Who is, really?


You Want To Clear Up Some Drawer Space

You’ll have more space for fuzzy socks if you ditch the drawers.


You Want To Be Prepared For A Bathroom Quickie

You never know when you’ll have to lift up your skirt for a midday romp. Make life easier by leaving the panties at home.


You’re Sick & Tired Of Wedgies

Who’s not, really?


Why Not?

Give me one good reason (and being squicked out by bodily fluids isn’t one).

Images: Courtesy of helga/Flickr; Giphy (7)