7 Reasons To Have A Solo Mother's Day

Before you had kids, Mother's Day was the perfect day to celebrate and spend time your mom. But on your very first Mother's Day, you realized it you would have to share the holiday with all the other mothers in your life. You mom didn't stop being a mom because she became a grandmother. Your mother-in-law was still your husband's mom, after all. You began to think of so many reasons to have a solo Mother's Day as soon as you recognized that it wasn't going to be a day all about you, but yet another holiday spent in and out of the car visiting relatives.

But what if, just this year, you decided to spend Mother's Day all by yourself? What if you celebrated with your mom a day or two early, and then asked your spouse to take over kid duty for the whole day on Sunday, from wake up to bedtime? An entire day that can be spent doing all of the things you have been wanting to do, but don't, because you're a mom and you always put your family first. Sounds good, right?

If you need a little more convincing, here are just a few reasons that you should try out a solo Mother's Day.


You Can Catch That Chick Flick Without Commentary

How many love stories have you missed at the theater because you end up watching superheroes or cartoons instead? March down to the movies on Mother's Day, grab yourself a large drink, a giant tub of popcorn, and a box of tissues. The best part? Not having to take anyone to the potty during the good parts!


You Can Finally Get That Relaxing Mani/Pedi

There is no better day than Mother's Day to splurge on the super fancy deluxe pedicure that comes with the green tea scrub, hot rocks, leg mask, and the special flesh eating acid that softens your dry heels enough for the cheese grater thingy to leave your feet baby smooth. Finish up your salon day with the light-activated gel nail polish that will stand the test of time and toddlers.


You Can Go To The Mall And Try On All The Clothes

Drive to the mall and pick out handfuls of your favorite pieces to try on. You don't have to cram a stroller into the over-sized dressing room or deal with cranky kiddos. You can even take mirror selfies to post later on Instagram #fashionista. Even better? Buy yourself something amazing.


You Can Wander The Bookstore Avoiding The Kid's Section

A trip to the bookstore usually means spending an hour perusing the kid's section and maybe even sitting through story time. By the time you are able to walk passed the latest grown-up novels, your kids are hungry, bored, tired, or they are begging for a chocolate chip cookie from the coffee shop. Spend Mother's Day at the bookstore alone discovering new authors, or new works by your favorite authors, while you sip on a warm chai tea latte.


You Can Crack Open The Book That's Been Sitting On Your Nightstand

If you already have a book you've been meaning to read, Mother's Day is the perfect time to snuggle in bed and escape to a fantasy world.


6. You Can Take A Nap

If you ask any mother what she wants most on Mother's Day, and she will tell you that it's sleep. If your body doesn't let you sleep in, give yourself permission to take a midday nap. Get comfy on the couch with a soft pillow and a warm blanket, turn on a Lifetime movie and catch up on your Zs.


Your Mother-In-Law Can Have Your SO And Kids All To Herself

You will be the best daughter-in-law ever if you send your husband and kids to his mom's house for Mother's Day. Not only will your mother-in-law get to spend the whole day with her favorite people, she won't have to share her most cherished holiday with another mom, and neither will you. Win-win!