Newborn holding its mothers finger
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7 Reasons To Name Your Child After You, Other Than The Fact That You're Awesome
by Luisa Colón

Naming a boy after his father is a familiar tradition, even if we don’t see it quite as often these days. Why do parents do it? Well, carrying on family history is one reason. Asserting Dad’s great qualities is another, and that’s cool. But what about acknowledging Mom’s awesomeness as well, by naming your child after yourself?

It’s true that the popularity of naming boys after their dads is declining in American culture, according to NBC news. Not to mention studies show that naming a child after his father is more likely to happen in areas that are known to have “honor cultures,” in which “men are usually expected to be brave, strong and aggressive in defense of their families.” Perhaps it's time to redefine “honor culture” by acknowledging that mothers are just as honorable as fathers.

Some concerns you might have about this practice is the child who is referred to as Junior. Although this isn’t solely a male thing (daughters can be juniors, too), you might be wondering if it's worth going through the trouble of giving your baby your name only to have it turned into Junior. Well, when you’re using your own name as inspiration, Junior won’t apply unless the the first, middle, and last name is exactly the same as yours. And if your baby-to-be is a boy, you can still make him your namesake with a little ingenuity.

Still not convinced to name your child after yourself? Here are some solid reasons why you should consider naming your child after you.


It Sets The Stage For Self-Confidence

Every mom wants to raise their child to have great self-esteem. By naming your child after yourself, they will see that you have a strong sense of self-worth and (hopefully) it will encourage them to feel the same.


It Establishes A Strong Bond

Mother-daughter relationships are legendary in their complexity and intensity. Starting off with the same name is a great connection to share.


It’s A Tradition

Okay, so up until now it’s been a more recognizable tradition when you’re naming a child after his father… but how about putting a feminist spin on it?!


It Emphasize The Importance Of Family Traditions

Susan Cody, a professor of family relations and human development, told that family traditions provide a child with stability, a sense of family history, and roots. If your own name began as a someone else’s (a grandmother or great-aunt), then you’re continuing a tradition. If your your child will be the first namesake, you’re starting one.


It Might Have Psychological Benefits

Research shows that boys who share their father's name have less behavioral problems. Is it possible that the same might be true for girls who are named after their moms? Can we get a study on that?


It Will Help You Avoid Trendy Names

Names that were popular when you were born aren’t likely to be on-trend now. Naming your child after yourself insures that he or she will stand out in classroom of Elsas and Katnisses.


You Can Still Make the Name Unique

You don’t have to use your exact name to make your child a namesake. Use the first initial, or get creative. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith named their kids Jaden and Willow (See what they did there?)