7 Reasons Why Your August Baby Is A Total Badass

Happy birthday month, August babies! And to the moms-to-be hoping against hope to pop out a baby in the next 30 days, happy epidural. (Or not, your choice, no judgement from me.) Some of the most boss people I know were born in August, and that's saying something, because I am fortunate to know many amazing people. That's why I'm compiling a list of seven reasons why August babies are badass. And you know you want to read along.

Everyone from dreamy singer Demi Lovato to President Barack Obama was born during the sultry heat of August. In fact, in the United States, late summer birthdays are the most common, wrote The Daily Mail, ostensibly due to our temperate climate and lack of things to do in say, November. It turns out that Thanksgiving dinner must be quite the aphrodisiac. (I mean, you've already unbuttoned your pants, may as well take them all the way off.)

But it's more than that. According to a study published in The Guardian, babies born in August are badass not only because it's just fact, but because they have an uphill battle in school throughout their educational journey as they're often as much as 10 or 11 months younger than their classmates, forcing them to work harder and strategize earlier than everyone else. It really builds resilience.


You Might Be A Leo Or A Virgo

Though August babies are more likely to be Leos, Virgos come in on August 22. Virgos, according to Astrostyle, are perfectionists, driven to succeed in everything they want to do, even if they have to work harder for it than other people would. They're people pleasers, but not to a fault, being too strong-willed for any of that nonsense.

Leos, according to Ganesha Speaks, love the limelight and adoration. They crave the respect of others and do well in performance arenas. Energetic and loyal, the Leo personality might dominate others in their circle, so they tend to associate with other strong signs like Taurus.


There's Always Something To Do On Your Birthday

Every year, August boasts some of the best outdoor entertainment of the year. From Burning Man in Nevada to Lollapalooza in Chicago, there's something for everyone. Not to mention it's prime peach-picking season, so you could head out and hit the orchards to pick your fill of the sweet stone fruit.


You're The Least Likely To Be Bipolar

As it turns out, children born in August are among the least likely to suffer from mental illnesses like Seasonal Affective Disorder and even bipolar disorder, reported TIME Magazine. It's hypothesized that it has something to do with the levels of vitamin D exposure as an infant. Regardless, it's a pretty cool gift of nature.


Your Birth Flower Is The Gladiola

According to the Farmer's Almanac, your birth flower is the gladiola. The long, feathery flower has long been associated with both loyalty and infatuation, so if you're given a gift of a gladiola bouquet, your crush might be telling you more than you anticipated. "I like you, and I'm super steadfast."

It also doesn't have a strong smell, so those of us who are sensitive to floral fragrances aren't as likely to be bothered by having a bouquet on our desk as we would with say, a bunch of roses or lavender.


Two Words: Pool Party

Sure, you'll probably miss out on your parents bringing cupcakes for your classroom, but you can have your birthday party at the pool. Bonus: because you likely have no idea who will and won't be in your class the next year, you can skip that "you have to invite everyone" stuff and just invite the kids who aren't jerks.

Double bonus for parents, avoiding the kids whose parents are jerks.


They're Born With Their Wolfpack In Place

August babies do well with other August babies, according to Athena Perrakis, an astrologist and CEO of crystal company Sage Goddess. She told Redbook that the Leo/Virgo pairing is like peanut butter and jelly, so make friends with other moms who give birth under those signs. "It's a really beautiful balance that they strike together, which is why [they are friends], even though you would not think they would be good partners to each other."


You Get Two Birthstones: Peridot & Sardonyx

When you're born in August, you get to choose: the bright green of the peridot stone or the hazy bronze colored sardonyx. The sardonyx was once thought to have magical, mysterious powers, so beware before you strap one on your neck.