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7 Reasons You Should Orgasm Before Work

For most people, getting ready for work in the morning is an arduous process fueled by caffeine, stress, and too little sleep. Before you’re even out of bed, the incessant e-mails start pinging your phone, and once you’re up you have to deal with all the mundane tasks of getting dressed and planning the day. But what if there were a way to look forward to this time of the day? That’s just one of the many reasons you should orgasm before work.

Seriously, if there’s one thing that would make you delay hitting the snooze button, wouldn’t an orgasm be it? This habit could totally transform your morning routine and set the tone for a more blissed-out day overall. There are also some real mental and physical health benefits to orgasms, so this could potentially lead to a more productive day at the office. But pleasure for its own sake is a worthy goal, too.

Whatever stresses you’re facing at work, chances are they will seem a lot more manageable after a indulging in a little self love. And unless you’re exceptionally prone to oversharing with your coworkers, no one will ever have to know. It can be your own personal secret to success.


It Creates A Calmer Mindset

Anxiously dashing out your door to face traffic and other daily annoyances is not the best frame of mind for a productive workday. As Jennifer Bass, the head of information services at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction told NBC News, “the release from orgasm does much to calm people." After that release, you can stroll into the office without a care in the world, ready to tackle your assignments for the day.


It Increases Brain Activity

If your mind takes a while to get in gear, a morning orgasm just might kickstart those brain cells. As the Huffington Post reported, Rutgers researchers Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise performed experiments that found orgasms increase blood flow to all parts of the brain. And it's a lot more fun than any brain training app.


It Helps The Immune System

Is the crud going around your office? An orgasm a day might help you stay healthy. As Dr. Kat Van Kirk, associate professor at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality said in Glamour, "orgasms release the chemical DHEA, which helps balance your immune system, promotes bone health, and assists in repairing tissues." Anything for the sake of your health, right?


It Gives You "You" Time

It's so easy to fill your entire schedule with arduous tasks. But in those minutes before the day even really begins, you can (and should!) take time for yourself. "When you start the day with an orgasm (or two), you start the day in a knowingness that there IS time for joy," Kit Murray Maloney said in the Huffington Post. It's a good idea to put yourself first sometimes.


It Boosts Your Confidence

The benefits of morning me-time go may go beyond the physical side effects. As the Women's Health Network explained, "when you know and love yourself on deeply emotional and physical levels, you gain confidence and let yourself grow through self-awareness." And who couldn't use a little boost of confidence when heading to work?


It Relieves Cramps

If period pains make mornings difficult, then an orgasm might be the cure for your ills. Planned Parenthood explains that orgasms can be helpful to "relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension." If nothing else, it would take your mind off of the pain for a few minutes.


It Increases Your Bond

If you're part of a couple, indulging in morning sex can be a great way to reaffirm your bond. "Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long," Debby Herbenick, author ofBecause It Feels Good, told Women's Health. Chances are you'll have a little pep in your step during the morning commute.