7 Reasons Your New York City Life Doesn't Look Like Carrie Bradshaw's (And Why That's Okay)

by Shannon Fiedler

When I first came to New York City to be a writer, I (only half-jokingly) told friends I was going to have a New York life like Carrie Bradshaw's. My days would look something like hers: traipsing around Manhattan in sky-high heels, going to fancy soirees with my best friends, and meeting and interacting with celebrities on the reg. I pictured myself sitting down to work in a charming one-bedroom Upper East Side apartment, going to get coffee in tulle skirts and designer t-shirts, and frequenting all of the hottest spots in town for dinner, drinks, or dancing.

Well, that idea faded fast. Let's just say my life does not look at all like an episode of Sex and the City. I walk around in comfortable shoes because I care about my feet; I rarely have a celebrity sighting; I have never once worn tulle.

But isn't that why we love Sex And The City? Don't we watch it to live vicariously through her New York life that almost no one really has? Many have mocked the unrealistic nature of Sex And The City's New York portrayal, but for me that's what's so dazzling and exciting. Watching Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda live their glamorous existence is like a modern-day metropolitan fairy tale. Carrie's life is so utterly fabulous, and seeing her strut down the same streets I walk, I am able indulge in fantasy and imagine myself in her Manolo Blanhiks.

Despite all of the discrepancies between Carrie's New York life and mine, the last time I binged on Sex and the City, I couldn't help but wonder, what would it be like if I lived the life of this fabulous woman?

Here's why an average New Yorker isn't Ms. Bradshaw, and why we all wish we were.


Her Apartment

A rent-controlled apartment between Madison and Park with a fantastic walk-in closet? If that's not living the dream, than I don't know what is. And not only is it impressively sized for the price she's paying, it's also got a super-cool layout with the foyer into the sitting room and the double-doored bathroom. I'm thankful Aiden didn't actually knock down the wall though; the best part about Carrie's famous walk-up is the cozy writer vibe she's got. Serious apartment envy.


Her Shoes

If Carrie is famous for anything, it's her love affair with stilettos, and her closet shows it. Of course no average New Yorker owns a shoe collection like hers; Carrie cops to having spent over $40,000 just on high heels. Secondly, the impracticality of spending your Manhattan days walking about in 9-inch heels is astounding. But as I hear the iconic theme song of the show and imagine myself strutting down Fifth Avenue in pom-pomed, pink, pointy-toed pumps, I can pretend to be just as glamorous as Carrie — and I don't even have to deal with the blisters.


Her Clothes

Let's contemplate Carrie's closet. Full of designer dresses and crazy accessories, no ordinary New Yorker could pull off her street style. But Carrie can. She's unafraid of how someone will interpret her clothes, and even while I think some of her outfits are a shade too ridiculous, she believes they are fabulous and she wears them with confidence. Sometimes I envision myself bopping about Manhattan with a fanny pack and a belt around my midriff, and while I know I'd never have Carrie's courage to actually wear the outfit, it's fun to mentally dress myself in Roberto Cavalli and Dior for an afternoon.


Her Ability To Take Cabs Everywhere

Carrie never takes public transportation. Ever. And when she does realize she needs to save money to avoid being evicted, she waits for the bus and then ends up being literally on a bus. This does not happen in your New York life because: A. You take mass transit frequently and B. You are not featured on the side of a city bus. But how amazing would it be to be walking down the street and have your image pass you by? Even better, how amazing would it be to never have to take a J train again?


The Number Of Glamourous Events She Goes To

Every weekend Carrie & Co. are gallivanting to hot new club openings, all of which have a somewhat outrageous theme going on, like Bed or that S&M place they went to. And not only are they always on the list, they always get a prime seat. I never even know about a new club opening, let alone get invited to one. But visiting these exclusive events through the TV screen with the SATC gang means I never have to.


How Often She Goes Out To Eat

I'm pretty certain these ladies go out to lunch with each other every day. That's expensive! And, frankly, how do they get out of work? On the rare occasion they're not going out to eat, they're ordering take-out. I wish I could divide my meals between hot new restaurants and Seamless orders, but unlike Carrie, I cannot afford to use my oven solely as extra storage space for my sweaters.


All Of The Famous People She Interacts With — And Dates!

Not only are the girls friends with the fabulous folk, they also are romantically involved with them. Carrie dates politician Bill Kelly, world-famous artist Alexander Petrovsky, and the new Yankee. Her friends are no strangers to the stars either: Samantha gets it on with famous actor Smith Jared (although, to be fair, she made him who he became); Charlotte smooches hottie actor Wylie Ford; and Miranda has a fling with the Knicks' doctor. For these four, the glitterati are entirely accessible...which gives me hope that maybe I, too, will hob nob about with the rich and famous. It's New York after all. Anything is possible, right?

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