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How To Throw A Red & Black Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is practically here, and no one is more excited than Falcons fans. With this year marking the team's first return to the Super Bowl since 1999, fans of the Dirty Birds are making it known that they rep their team harder than any other football fans out there. If you happen to be one of the diehard fans, there's no question that you'll be looking for red and black Falcons-themed party ideas to make this year's extravaganza unlike any other.

Atlanta fans are in a league of their own when it comes to supporting the Falcons. All throughout the city, the only colors you see are red and black (with a touch of white) on any given game day. That's exactly why I would expect everyone who's going to or throwing a Super Bowl party this year to empty out all of the red and black pieces from every store that carries the colors. From plates and cups to rugs and pillows, Falcons fans have a tendency to get very creative when it comes to showing their love and support for their team.

Need an idea of how to make your Falcons party stand out? These seven party themes could definitely be the way to do it.


Deck Your Space In Black And Red

Turn your spot into a Falcons sanctuary with all black and red decorations. From red and black throw blankets ($18) to Falcon embroidered throw pillows ($10), you'll make your mark this year with these decorations.


Have A Feather Party

Need an out of the box idea for your party? You should consider throwing a feather party like A Beautiful Mess. Create accessories, shirts, hats, and more with feathers to show your support for those Dirty Birds. You can even take it up a notch by breaking your guests into teams and putting on your own fashion show during halftime.


Float Up To Victory

Handmade Charlotte's idea for this Flonanza party is great for those hping the Falcons will #RiseUp to win this Super Bowl Sunday.


Make DIY Party Flags

If you're looking to be subtle with your support this Super Bowl Weekend, creating some red and black party flags for your finger foods like Washi Tape Crafts is the way to go. You can even get some red and black plaates to add a nice touch, too.


Touchdown With Tequila

A Super Bowl party wouldn't be the same without a little liquor in the place. Take a shot of tequila every time the Falcons get a touchdown to make it fun for your guests. If you're not a shot person, having this tequila filled watermelon margarita from Ari's Menu will be just as fantastic.


Have A Falcons Stoplight Party

Though the colors of a stoplight are typically red, yellow and green, put your unique spin on it by using red, black and white. Tell your guests to show up in red if they are taken, white if they are casually dating, but open to something new and black if they are on the market.


Serve Black Sesame Coconut Popsicles

Take your fan status to the next level by serving all black and red food items at your Super Bowl party. Just be sure to include these black sesame coconut popsicles from A Cozy Kitchen on the menu.