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7 Ideas For Your Patriots-Themed Super Bowl Party

Much to the delight of New England Patriots fans everywhere, the team is, in fact, going to the Super Bowl again this year. (Although, let's face it, it sometimes feels like the Patriots play in the big game all the time.) And since this could be the fifth win for New England's team, you may want to upgrade your typical party to include some red and blue Patriots party ideas. Because, if the team do bring home a fifth ring, you'll want to be sure you're showing your team spirit.

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away, but if you're anything like me, you're just now getting around to planning the "party" part of the day (and the more important details like food and decorations.) Whether you're wearing red and black while you cheer on the Falcons or red and blue in honor of the Patriots, you can't really take in all the excitement of the big game without making sure the scene is appropriately set. So if you're rooting for Brady and his crew come Sunday, try these red and blue party ideas to make Super Bowl Sunday super festive. You never know, maybe they'll even help your team come out victorious.


Hang Some Streamers Or Pom Poms


Dress up your table in just about the easiest way possible by adding a few red and blue pom poms or strewing some streamers about. Almost no effort, but still sets the scene.


Add Some Tassel Garland

Have a little spare time on your hands before the big game? Try your hand at creating a DIY tassel garland, which Lovely Indeed created as a guest post on The Sweetest Occasion. Sub out the gray and silver for red and you've got yourself a Patriots-themed garland that you can hang on to until the Fourth of July.


Create Some Cake Pop Centerpieces


Cake pops are super easy to make at home from store-bought cake and store-bought icing if you don't feel like whipping up a batch that's 100 percent homemade. Dip them in candy melts that are your team's colors and stand them up in a jar for a festive table topper. Bonus: kids love them.


Light The Sand Candles


Put together a few of Martha Stewart's easy sand candles for added ambiance. Just make sure you keep them out of the reach of the kiddos.


Upgrade Your Utensil Holders

These Mod Podge-d tin pails from Burlap and Blue are great for holding utensils, napkins, straws, or anything else you need to keep together (cake pops, anyone?). These also work for any red, white, and blue-themed affair so stash them away to put out for your Memorial Day or Fourth of July cookout.


Drape Your Table In Bandanas


Layer some bandanas onto your table for a table cloth kind of a look. They'll protect the table a bit and fit your theme.


Play With Piñata Balloons


Looking for some half-time entertainment? These piñata balloons from The Gunny Sack will be fun for kids and adults alike. Fill them with treats, blow them up, and let them double as decorations until you let the popping commence.