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Fans Want To See Things Slow Down On Season 4 Of 'Riverdale'

by Mishal Ali Zafar
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From gang wars, prison fight clubs, and serial killers to maple syrup waterboarding and a magical cult, Riverdale brought all the drama it could to Season 3. The finale left fans with lingering questions about all the strange characters still roaming the town. It will be a few months before you can dive back into the action, but these Riverdale Season 4 theories should keep you going all summer.

One of the biggest mysteries on the show has been Edgar Evernever and his Farm cult. It’s unclear where they came from and why they moved to Riverdale, but now that Betty found out that they're harvesting organs, their presence on the show feels more ominous.

And then there’s the question of the Black Hood. He made a comeback on prom night and chased Betty around with a knife, but there is no way of knowing if he’s Betty’s dad, Hal Cooper, or someone entirely new.

The usual suspects aka Hiram Lodge and The Serpents will likely continue their antics in Season 4, but with FP Jones as the town’s new sheriff, and his wife, Gladys at the center of the gang wars, it’s hard to predict what turn their story will take.

There is so much that can happen next season on Riverdale, but here are some fan theories that could actually hold water:


The Theme Will Be Blackmail

One Redditor, AustinMMitrione, noted that the first three seasons covered a murder-mystery, a serial killer, and a board game thriller, so it’s possible that Season 4 takes on a I Know What You Did Last Summer vibe. “I hope it’s a little simpler than Season 3 was,” wrote the user. “A lot of people tend to go with the kidnapping mystery, but I’d love to see something happen with the core 4 over the summer and then someone begins to blackmail them over it next season. And the mystery slowly gets bigger as the season goes on.” A simpler season focused on the main four characters? I’m so on board.


2. Supernatural Elements Will Be Introduced

Riverdale has been dramatic and chaotic, but it has never been a supernatural show. However, Reddit user Cl0uDOnSunset thinks that Season 4 will start with Archie’s death, add some paranormal activity, and possibly even crossover with showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s other Archieverse series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. “I don't see the show going back to its old season 1 roots,” wrote the Redditor. “It’s just gonna get crazier from here so Season 4 would be introducing magic and we would get the Sabrina crossover and she would bring Archie back to life.”


The Blossom Twins Will Be Revealed As Triplets

Cheryl claims she saw Jason alive, but Reddit user Harley4L thinks that she may have seen another sibling who looks just like him. The user noted that in the Archie comic book series, Blossoms 666, Cheryl and Jason were born as triplets, and their parents never told them that they had an older brother named Julian.

“Now that Ethel claims “Jason“ is allegedly the GK on the show, what if that’s actually Julian, parading around as his dead brother,” wrote the user. “He could’ve dug up the grave and stole the body to make everyone believe he’s Jason back from the dead, in case he’s discovered. Julian could be the one Cheryl and Polly truly speak to at The Farm, maybe he was even the one who suggested the farm to Polly all the way back in Season 1.”


Moose Will Come Back

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I don’t know if you could call this a theory or wishful thinking, but many fans are counting on seeing Moose make a comeback next season, and possibly even get back together with Kevin. “I love Moose, and for some reason I feel like he will make maybe one more appearance this season before hopefully continuing in season four,” wrote Redditor pakemn. “Who knows, it's Riverdale.”


The Next Musical Will Be 'Mean Girls'

The musical episodes of Riverdale are always a nice midseason treat, and Redditor f_assbender is already theorizing that next year’s production will be Mean Girls, “with the four female leads (Betty, V, Cheryl, Toni,) as Cady and the plastics, maybe Ethel as Janis, Fangs as Damien, Archie as Aaron Samuels, and whichever overbearing parent characters they can squeeze into Mrs Norberry and the principal.”


The Farm's Origin Will Be Revealed

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While some questions about Edgar Evernever and The Farm were addressed in the finale, there are still plenty of questions about the origin of the cult. Reddit user stardust4711 thinks that Season 4 will provide more background on The Farm and how it came to be.

“The farm is part of the storyline since Season 1, so there might be a chance that it will be part of Riverdale as long as the show is running,” wrote the Redditor. “But most likely next season the perspective changes or we learn more about the history of the farm or it just may be part of Riverdale but the main focus of the storyline changes to some new weirdness happening in Riverdale.

Who knows, maybe the farm will become the Good Ones who help to solve the new problems in Riverdale.”


The Mystery Will Revolve Around Fred's Death

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Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently told Entertainment Tonight that he plans on addressing Fred Andrew’s absence next season, but some fans think that it could be incorporated into the show’s storyline.

“Next season [the] main storyline should be about Fred’s death,” wrote Redditor 123Beastman. “Maybe Fred goes on a business trip this season and then it is revealed at the end of this season that he has died in some type of accident like a car accident. And then when everyone thinks he died in a accident Archie starts to think Fred’s death have something more to it than just a accident. So Archie and the rest of the core 4 starts to investigate a conspiracy — And with this it would make it easier to have Archie being more of a detective like Betty and Jughead because he would want to know the truth about his father’s death.”

On Riverdale, it feels like literally anything can happen, which makes it really hard to predict where the different storylines will go. As a fan myself, I truly hope writers simplify Season 4, and go back to the slower, more meaningful pace and tone the show had in Season 1.

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