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7 'Secret Life Of Pets' Costumes For Every Member Of The Family — Furry Friends Too

The Secret Life of Pets is a hilarious animated film that lets pet owners in on what really goes down when they leave their pets at home alone. In the movie, the adorable cast of cats and dogs (and a rogue rabbit) go on an adventure to reunite Jack Russell Terrier Max and Shaggy Duke with their beloved owner. If you loved the film and can't get enough of the pets, you may want to check out some Secret Life of Pets costumes that your entire family will want to get their hands on this Halloween.

The huge success of the film means that there are plenty of creative Halloween costume ideas out there this year for adults and kids alike, whether you want to be a cuddly cat or a faithful dog. And even your pets can get in on the action with pint-sized costume ideas available for them as well.

If you're looking for some ideas for your Secret Life of Pets costume, check out some of these ideas inspired by the summer animated hit. And once you're in your costume, don't be surprised if you get puppy treats instead of candy when you're out trick-or-treating this Halloween night.



In the film, Max makes being a dog seem like a pretty sweet life. Your kids will score lots of treats with this totally cute Max costume ($44).



It's hard to believe that so much attitude can come out of such a cute little bunny, but Snowball is pretty fierce. Your pets can get in on the Halloween fun this year with a Snowball costume ($38) made just for them.



Gidget's crush on Max makes her face danger head on to bring him back to safety. Let your little ones show their love in a Gidget costume ($33) made just for kids.



When Max's owner brings Duke home, the fluffy pup shakes things up. Let your little one shake things up this Halloween in his own Duke costume ($45).



Chloe is a the sarcastic blue tabby cat who barely cracks a smile in the film. But your kids will make everyone smile this Halloween when you make your own Chloe costume with a t-shirt ($9), joggers ($38), and Chloe mask ($7).



If you want to make your own Max costume, all you need is a t-shirt ($30), pants ($20), and mask ($7).


DIY Duke

Create a DIY Duke look for grown-ups with a brown tee ($15), pants ($33), and Duke mask ($27).