7 Sex Hacks To Make Quickies Even Better

Sure, almost everyone enjoys the idea of a leisurely evening devoted to lovemaking. But in reality, sometimes you have to make the best of a spare five minutes before heading off to work. Fortunately, there are plenty of sex hacks to make quickies even better. Because to be honest, quickie sex is almost always better than no sex at all.

These tips will help you seize the opportunities for quickies whenever possible, get in the mood in a hurry, and make the most of whatever time you have to spare. In time, quickies can become an important part of your sexual repertoire. They can add a dash of spontaneity and spice to your otherwise-normal daily routine. Because you don’t have to plan them in advance, you and your SO can become experts at seizing the opportunity whenever possible.

In general, quickies are a great way to stay connected to your partner and enjoy sex even on days when your schedule is never-ending. You could even make a game of it. How often can you and your SO sneak in a quickie this week? You might start looking at your schedules — not to mention particular areas of your house — in completely new ways.


Leave Some Clothing On

Who has time to deal with buttons and zippers? "Loose, flowy skirts and dresses were made for quickies," Sadie Allison told Women's Health. It adds to the encounter's sense of urgency.


Opt For Doggy-Style

Don't have time to let yourself get proper clit stimulation? Follow Cosmopolitan's lead and use a doggy-style position to hit the G-spot. It's an easy way to get your needs met in a hurry.


Consider Alternate Locations

Sometimes it pays to take advantage of unusual places for a quickie. As a piece in Women's Health suggested, opting for a fast session in a stairwell, gym locker room, or even outside may be your best bet. Just don't get caught!


Play Mind Games

If foreplay isn't an option, then you may need to get in the right mindset all on your own. Glamour recommends you fantasize about good sex or touch yourself a little to kick-start those engines. Just do whatever you need to in order to set the mood in a hurry.


Distract The Kids

It is possible to go at it even when the kids are awake — if you're careful. A Buzzfeed post mentions a couple who enjoyed a quickie while one kid napped and the other one played in his room. This might be a good reason to really enforce nap time every afternoon.


Explore Your Space

Even if you don't want to risk having sex in public, breaking out of the bedroom is still a good idea for quickies. As Health explains, going at it in the shower or living room is a good way to add even more excitement to the encounter. Your kitchen might have more uses than you ever imagined.


Time It Right

Choosing unexpected times to enjoy a quickie can keep things steamy all day. Sexing it up on your lunch break, as Marie Claire recommends, is one way to manage your time wisely. That's one part of your to-do list you won't mind at all.