7 Sex Myths That You Should Remove From Your Mind Now

When it comes to getting it on, having a few moves in your bag of bedroom tricks can be the difference between an average night and mind blowing one. And, more often than not, you rely on your friends’ advice, web searches, and some old wive tales to make your bedroom escapades even better. With so much information out there, it can be hard to keep things sorted out. To set the record straight, it’s worth knowing about common sex myths that are untrue, and should be forgotten immediately.

As with any rumor, sex myths build momentum when people don't do their homework. It starts with that obnoxious kid in high school who tells everyone sperm can survive in hot tubs and travel through swimsuits. Over time the belief starts to build because more people (and even some times media) will repeat these myths, only reinforcing the idea that they are true. But if you stop and do the tiniest bit of research, it's easy to discover that some of the commonly accepted information about sex is very, very false.

To clear up the confusion, and finally put the double bagging debate to bed, this list debunks seven common sex myths. So before you order your next platter of oysters in hopes of getting lucky, you might want to think twice. Unless you just really, really love oysters. In that case, bottoms up.


Bigger Equals Better

When it comes to penis size, the myth is that all women prefer large penises. But as a UCLA research group found, 84 percent of women are satisfied with their partner's penis size and don't feel they need anything bigger. Which is a good reminder to us all — it's not size of your equipment, but how you use it.


Using Two Condoms Leads To Breakage

It's been a common belief that using two condoms at once — known as double bagging — leads to more frequent condom breakage. But Planned Parenthood busted this one by reporting that there is no research to support the claim again double bagging. Although using two condoms does not prove to be more effective birth control than just one, at the end of the day, double bagging is harmless.


Most Women Orgasm From Intercourse

Despite what we see on TV, a little missionary-style quickie doesn't knock it out of the park for most women. As Psychology Today reported, only 25 percent of women regularly orgasm from intercourse alone. Which means your partner shouldn't feel ashamed if they can't make you cum from penetration alone. But they do need to make the effort to stimulate your clitoris, whether it accompanies intercourse or not. Because you deserve to cum too!


Condoms Ruin Sex

Don't be influenced by what your high school boyfriend told you, there is no proof that condoms ruin sex. Take it from Salon, which reported that there is no research to prove that condoms decrease sexual pleasure. In fact, most people reported no decrease in arousal or overall satisfaction when having sex with a condom.


Oral Is Safer

Although oral sex may not cause pregnancy, it is by no means a risk-free venture. As the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reported, oral sex can spread sexually transmitted diseases just as easily as intercourse. Using a barrier, such as a condom, can help to prevent the spread of STD's such as gonorrhea, hepatitis A and B, and HIV.


Pulling Out Is Effective

Also known as the withdrawal method, pulling the penis out of the vagina during sex is not a bullet proof way to prevent pregnancy. As Mayo Clinic cautions, there is plenty of room for error with the pull out method. In other words, a guy would need ninja-like timing and precision to keep any and all sperm from busting loose.


Oysters Are An Aphrodisiac

Ever since Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, desire, and beauty, emerged from an oyster shell, the rumor mill has been churring about what oysters will do for your sex drive. But as Today reported, there is no correlation between eating oysters and increased libido. Turns out the only thing these little treats from the sea will boost, is you levels of zinc.

Image Credit: Trang Angels/Flickr; Giphy (7)