7 Sex Positions For Lazy Girls, Because Sometimes You Don't Want To Work For It

by Lindsay E. Mack

Sure, some days you want to rewrite the Kama Sutra in the bedroom and get downright acrobatic. But on other days the idea of that much exertion just makes you think: nah. It’s okay to have a pillow princess moment on occasion, and there are some pretty easy workarounds for times when you feel like moving as little as possible. In fact, some positions don’t require much effort from you at all. You can embrace the laziness in the best possible way.

On days when you don’t want to get out of bed but still long for a full range of bedroom activities, these lazy-girl sex positions are perfection. You get to relax, kick back, and not even worry about sweating that much. There’s basically no downside.

Need some shows to help set the mood for you? Here’s the best bets for Netflix and chill, so you and your SO can let actors do the seduction work for you. And for those who want to take lazy lovemaking to the next level, there’s the Snuggie Sutra, which features positions that work well with your favorite sleeved blanket. Hey, even the most dedicated couch potatoes need to get it on every now and then.



It's a classic for a reason, and you don't have to lift a finger. As Tess Barker wrote for Women's Health, "it only requires one of you to really exert any effort." Kick back and enjoy.


Missionary With A Pillow Under Your Butt

Yes, this does warrant its own listing. "Placing a pillow underneath you during missionary helps adjust the angle of your hips, which makes it easier for your partner to make consistent contact with your G-spot," Zahra Barnes wrote for Self. It's a great way to use all those throw pillows you have lying around.



It just might be the comfiest position of all. As a piece in Rebel Circus helpfully noted, "you can go right to sleep when you’re done." Now that's a win-win.


Mutual Masturbation

Why not just take things into your own hands? According to Cosmopolitan, mutual masturbation allows you to go at your own pace, meaning you can take your time and relax.


Side By Side

This is perfect for lazy lovers, because everybody get to chill. With side by side, you and your partner can just lie down next to each other and relax.


Rocking Chair

It's the less strenuous version of girl-on-top. As a piece in Redbookmag explained, when you're both sitting up, you will "wrap your legs comfortably around his body so that you are sitting on his thighs." Then rock back and forth for some easy lovin.'


Propped-Up Doggy Style

The regular version requires some effort, but this variation lets you totally relax. "To make the move more comfortable, try putting some pillows underneath your stomach and chest for support," sex educator Patricia Taylor explained in Shape. All of the fun and none of the work: it's a win-win.