7 Sex Positions For When You Want To Watch TV — Yes, They Do Exist

Let's clear the air and acknowledge that "Netflix and Chill" really means "Netflix and F*ck." Yes, you there, wearing that "Netflix and Chill" t-shirt in your Tinder profile, you're not fooling anyone. With the rise of Netflix and Chill's popularity, it's more important than ever to have sex positions for when you want to watch TV. It might seem a little less than romantic, and a shade less than steamy, but depending on what you're watching and who you're watching it with, getting frisky while paying attention to the screen can be hot. And it's totally doable.

The next time you find yourself on the sofa with your partner, mid-Netflix binge and aroused, try diving into one of the following positions so that you can satisfy your urge without interrupting your scheduled programming. Because sometimes, stopping your binge mid-episode of Orange Is The New Black when some major plot development is going on is low on your list of priorities. But who hasn't had that moment of arousal while watching a scandalous scene go down on their favorite TV show? These positions will help you nail multitasking at its best, getting your fill of your favorite show, and your partner. Because you shouldn't have to choose.


Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a perfect position for having sex while watching TV, especially because it puts you in front. It also puts you in control, of the pace, the depth, and the remote control, if you so choose. According to Cosmopolitan, reverse cowgirl is a position that benefits you and your partner. Though your partner may have a hard time paying attention to the TV when they've got a choice view of your backside, this is a position you can definitely make work for both of you without interrupting your binge.


Doggy Style

Ah yes, doggy style. Man's best friend. Woman's best friend. Everybody's best friend. Everyone should try doggy style at least once, so why not try it while enjoying some of your favorite programming? Whether on the bed, or using the living room furniture, doggy style provides the same view for both you, which is a bonus when you're trying to keep your eyes on the prize, ahem, TV.


The Spoon

The Spoon is exactly what it sounds like, just a little bit sexier. According to Men's Health, The Spoon is ideal for a long session of lovemaking, and for both of you to watch the tube while involved in that lovemaking. With you both lying on your sides facing the same direction, The Spoon puts you both in optimal viewing position, and is prime for comfort during a TV-length session.


The Lotus

The Bad Girl Bible vouches for this position in a big way, saying that it's one of the best positions to achieve a screaming orgasm. As it's a seated position, you and your partner will be facing one another to begin with, but it's not difficult to split the difference with your partner, and turn your heads to the side so you can both get a perfect view of the TV.


The Hot Seat

Imagine a combination of doggy style and reverse cowgirl, but with furniture, and you've got yourself the Hot Seat. With your partner seated on the edge of a chair or the bed with their feed on the floor, you lower yourself into your partner's lap with both of you facing the same direction. You're back in the driver's seat for this positions, and according to Men's Health, it's one of the best sex positions for both partners.


The Pretzel

Though the pretzel may require a little bit of flexibility from your partner, it's well worth the stretch. While you lie down on your side (facing the TV, obviously), your partner does the tricky work, kneeling, straddling one leg, and lifting the other so that it curls around their waist. According to Women's Health, this position helps you achieve deep penetration, but allows your eyes to roam freely.


The Standing Dragon

Though the name alone may deter you from this excellent position, but it's not too difficult. You pose on all fours on the edge of the bed (or the coffee table, or whatever else you feel like posing on here), and arch your back. Your partner stands, and enters you from behind, with their legs outside of yours. According to Women's Health, this is an ideal position for G-spot stimulation.