7 Sex Positions That Are Best For Morning Sex

Night time isn’t always the right time to get busy. When you’re worn out from a long day of adulting, often the only thing you want at night is the chance to sleep. But a romp in the early morning hours can be better than any cup of coffee. By busting out the sex positions that are best for morning sex, you and your SO can wake up together in the best way imaginable. As an added bonus, these positions are easy enough to try if you’re both still half-asleep.

Even if you aren’t usually the type to rise and grind, there are tons of benefits to morning sex. You and your partner are both freshly rested, so mentally and physically you’re probably good to go. Also, it’s a great excuse to lounge about in bed for a few extra minutes. (Although hopping out to quickly brush your teeth first is completely acceptable).

Once you and your partner try out these positions for a few mornings, you might not even need an alarm clock to wake up. You get to start off the day bonding with your SO and engaging in a little cardio. As an added bonus, you can enjoy the memories of your new morning routine any time your day gets a little boring.



If you like being the little spoon, then this one is for you. As explained in Cosmopolitan, you both lie on your sides and go for it in the spooning position. This almost-effortless technique also leaves your hands free for exploring.



It's the dude version of cowgirl. He crouches on top of you with his legs folded underneath, as explained in Women's Health (it makes a lot more sense when you see the illustration). It's an easy way to shake up your morning.



If it isn't broke, don't fix it. According to Elite Daily, it's one of the top sex positions for both men and women. If that's still a bit vanilla for your palate, there are easy ways to make missionary sex hotter.


Girl On Top

If you'd like to orgasm and still make it to work on time, then this position is perfection. As noted in Thrillist, you get to set the pace, depth, and speed. It's a great go-to if you have to beat the clock.



It's like cuddling with an extra bonus. Wrap your legs around him when he's in missionary, as explained in Self. It's a simple way to really spice things up.



Yes, het couples can enjoy this one, too. As explained in Fitness, scissors is a low-stress position that can be very gentle. It's the perfect way to kick off your day.


Doggy Style

Chances are your partner loves this position, so throw him a bone (ahem). To take some pressure off, put pillows under your waist, as explained in Women's Health. I mean, you guys will have to make the bed in a few minutes anyway.