7 Sex Positions That Give You A Workout

If you like to keep track of your daily steps and find ways to incorporate extra exercise into everyday activities, then this news might make your day. There are sex positions that give you a workout, so you can get fit while you get laid. It’s basically the best version of multitasking.

Although you may not log the same cardio benefits as swimming a mile, for instance, these positions can help you work on some strength training and toning. They won’t replace your regular workout (unless you and your partner are exceptionally active) but they can supplement your normal exercise routines. After all, what’s the point of all that weight lifting if you can’t put those strong muscles to good use?

Functional fitness, or training that helps your body prepare for real-life situations, is a big trend in the workout realm, as explained on WebMD. And working out during sex may be the best way to prep those crucial muscles that help you and your SO during the main event. It’s one form of training that will only get better in time.

Pleasing your partner, working your core, and — let’s be honest — showing off at the same time can really amp up your sex life. It’s a great way to strengthen your relationship and make fitness a very enjoyable aspect of your everyday life. Basically? There is no downside. Although you may never look at plank position the same way again.



Works Out: Glutes

Don't rule out missionary as boring. According to Fitness, if you do buttock squeezes during this position, you can get a decent glute workout. Bonus: it's also good for your core strength.


Standing Suspension

Works Out: Arms

This is more of a varsity-level move, so you and your partner may need time to work up to it. But as explained in Cosmopolitan, you can suspend yourself around your SO's waist in a standing position, and then hold most of your bodyweight in your arms. Although it isn't for everyone, this move is more fun than an average pull-up.


Ballet Dancer

Works Out: Core

If you have a good sense of balance, this might be your new favorite move. While both of you are standing, you balance on one foot and wrap the other leg around your SO's waist, as explained in Women's Health. It's an adventurous way to build up those core muscles.


Modified Cowgirl

Works Out: Quads

Your front thigh muscles need a little attention sometimes. According to Woman's Day, you can start off in cowgirl and then move to a "frog" posture. It turns the position into a sort of squat.


The Push-Up

Works Out: Stomach

If you're a plank all-star, then this move is for you. As explained on The Daily Star, you can hold a plank position while you partner enters you from behind. It takes some strength, but the results are worthwhile.



Works Out: Thigh Muscles

If standing is too tricky, then this position is a good call. As explained on So Feminine, kneeling over your partner is an easy way to work out your thigh muscles. And have fun with your SO in the process.


Leg Stretch

Works Out: Legs

Stretching and strength training during sex? Yes, please. According to She Knows, propping your legs on partner's shoulders while in missionary will give your legs a pretty good workout. It will also help your abs a bit.