7 Sexy Shows To Stream On Hulu That Are Worth All The Hours You're About To Fork Over
by Emily Westbrooks

As a parent of two young kids, some of the sexiest moments in my life might just have to come from television. With schedules that typically equate to swapping children back and forth throughout the day, sometimes binging on a show with a few glimpses of sexiness can jump start what might otherwise be an early bedtime due to utter exhaustion. If you're in that same boat, queue up the sexiest shows to watch on Hulu, because it is possible to rev up a little interest in your partner with the help of your TV.

When you spend the majority of most days with kids hanging from you or needing something from you, and then another large chunk of the day cleaning up after those small beings, sexy time can be the last thing on your mind. However, I've learned from experience that remembering that it's an appealing option is half the battle — and a big part of the fun. Sitting down with a glass of wine, even when the house is a total disaster around you, to watch a sexy show with your partner might be as close as you're going to get to a real date these days. Thankfully, Hulu comes to the rescue with these incredibly sexy shows.


The Affair

You'll need Hulu's Showtime add-on to watch The Affair, a steamy show about an extramarital affair between a teacher and aspiring novelist, and a waitress working to put her life and marriage back together. Throw in some steamy scenes, commentary on the publishing industry, and even a murder storyline. You've got a binge-worthy sexy show that'll keep you guessing.


The L Word

A whole lot of ladies and their love lives leads to a few sexy choice encounters on The L Word. Mixed in with their everyday drama are scenes that will remind you what the non-sleep-deprived people out there are up to.


You're The Worst

A unique romantic comedy at its core, You're the Worst is about two people who don't believe in romance yet manage to make romance happen. They meet at a wedding and go home together, which kicks off the steamy series, and the sexcapades continue.



Mary Louise Parker is under-the-radar sexy in almost every role she plays, and as a single mom selling marijuana to make ends meet in Weeds, she's no different. She's appealing in a mom-next-door sort of way and her haphazardness will make you feel perhaps a little better about your life while you still get to revel in the heat the show generates.


Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money features a very rich family and the patriarch's personal lawyer who is trying to crack a murder case. With the word sexy in the title of the show, you know there's bound to be beautiful, fancy people tangling in the sack (or out of it) on the regular, while you track along with the latest in the murder quest.



Shameless is always great for a dose of unexpected nudity that makes you close one eye for a few seconds while you decide whether you should even be watching. But you should, because the scenes are sexy, and the story line, which follows a family of ne'er do well Southside Chicago kids and their shameless, deadbeat dad, is gripping. You'll also need the Showtime plug in to watch this.


Lip Service

There's something about love lives in foreign countries that makes them even more sexy to us Americans. Of course, the lives of young gay women in Glasgow takes it to another level. The bonus is the feeling of wanderlust you'll have when you finish watching it. Lip Service only has six episodes, so it's a short binge for you and your partner.