7 Signs Of Sleep Deprivation In Babies

When you hear "babies" and "sleep deprivation" in the same sentence, you're probably going to assume that the former is causing the latter. But babies can actually suffer from a lack of sleep themselves, which likely means everyone else in their home will, too. In fact, there are some signs of sleep deprivation in babies that you should watch out for to make sure your little one is getting enough rest.

Although every baby is going to be different, there are some general guidelines you can follow to figure out how much sleep they need each day. According to Baby Center, a newborn will need about 16 to 17 hours of sleep in a day. By a year old, they'll need between 13 and 14 hours. It's normal if your child sleeps a little more or less than that, but you may run into some issues if your numbers are drastically different. Lack of sleep can change your baby's personality and even put them at risk for problems down the road. According to Baby Med, a baby who doesn't sleep well could carry those issues into childhood and could potentially be more likely to struggle with obesity and behavioral issues.

Here are seven signs that might mean your little one needs more sleep.


They're Constantly Rubbing Their Eyes

If your baby is constantly rubbing their eyes, they're probably trying to tell you something according to Parenting. It's one of the biggest cues that a baby is tired so the more you see it, the sleepier they probably are.


They're Not Interested In Playing

If your little one is anything like mine, they have enough toys to stock an entire toy store. But if your baby is not interested in playing with any of them, it may mean they're just too tired to muster up the energy according to Parenting Science.


They're Looking Away From You

Parenting Science also noted that a baby who isn't getting enough sleep will turn away from you. Looking into someone's face can be stimulating, and a tired baby won't want to deal with it.


They're Throwing Tantrums

If your normally happy baby or toddler is suddenly throwing tantrums, lack of sleep could be the culprit according to the Baby Sleep Site. They may be better able to handle their frustrations after a good night's rest (I know I am).


They're Clingy

A baby who's extra sleepy may become super clingy, according to the Sleep Foundation. That may come along with lots of fussiness and crankiness, too.


They're Clumsy

A baby or toddler who hasn't gotten enough sleep may become clumsy, according to The Sleep Lady. It makes sense that they'd lose some coordination when they aren't well-rested, because the same thing happens to adults— that's why they tell you not to get behind the wheel if you're tired.


They're Snoring

Good sleep isn't just about quantity— it's also about quality. According to the New Kids Center, if your baby snores when they're sleeping, it may be due to breathing issues. Chances are, if they're dealing with a breathing issue then they're not going to be sleeping soundly or deeply.