7 Signs You Have Healthy Vagina

Most health advice focuses on the negative. Why does this hurt, or is that supposed to change color? It’s easy to spend all of your time thinking about what’s going wrong. But sometimes it’s a good idea to celebrate the things that are going right. So if the signs you have a healthy vagina apply to you, then take a moment to celebrate. You have a clean bill of health for a pretty important part of your body.

In general, if everything is healthy down there, you probably won’t even think about it. After all, the things that make you take notice, such as itchiness, spots, or pain, are all likely signs of a problem. So when everything is going swimmingly, you may not even notice.

Although they don’t come with an owner’s manual, there are definitely some vaginal care best practices that can help you avoid any future trouble. In general, keeping things clean and dry is a great way to promote good vaginal health and avoid annoying infections. So if you’re already following the advice on this list, chances are your lady parts are in great working order. Overall, maintaining a healthy vagina is an important part of keeping your overall health in check.


Nothing Itches

In general, a healthy vagina won't give you any trouble. According to Women's Health, anything from hormonal fluctuations to yeast infections can cause vaginal itchiness. So if everything feels A-OK down there, it's probably in good working order.


The Discharge Is Normal

Discharge can vary throughout your cycle. According to WebMD, normal discharge may be clear, cloudy, thin, or thick. As long as it isn't itchy or any unusual color, you probably have a clean bill of health.


The Scent Is Standard

It's normal for your vagina to have a slight odor, and chances are you know what's typical for your own equipment. While a strong, "rotting" kind of odor could signify an infection, as explained on Self, a bit of scent is to be expected. You're probably good to go.


There Are No Obvious Spots Or Irritation

Healthy vaginas are rather unblemished. If you have certain STDs, then this may cause red, itchy, painful sores to develop, according to Healthline. So if things look smooth and and nothing hurts, that's a good sign.


Tampons Or Cups Are Easy To Insert

Is dealing with Aunt Flo pretty easy? According to the East Valley Women's Medical Group, problems such as pelvic prolapse or fibroids may suddenly make tampons or menstrual cups difficult to insert. So if you don't have any problems around that time of the month, consider yourself lucky.


There's No General Pain

In general, pain signifies a problem. Some women have to deal with debilitating conditions such as endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease that can hurt considerably, according to Healthline. So if you don't have to think twice about whether things hurt down there, you're likely in good health.


You Have Pain-Free Sex

Of course a bit of pain may be expected when things get a little wild. But according to WebMD, women may experience extreme pain during sex because of conditions such as vaginismus, infections, or problems with the cervix. If you're generally able to do the deed without any ill effects, then your vagina is likely in great health.