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7 Signs Your Baby Has Officially Turned Into A Toddler

We have a board book at our house that I bought for our little’s first Christmas called “If I Could Keep You Little.” At first, it actually took me longer than the normal forty-five seconds that it takes to get through a board book because I kept tearing up at the damn thing. As you can guess, it’s cheerfully written from guardian to child, voicing concern over their impending growth and development. The illustrations are simple at best, comprised of colorful cartoony sketches that are so whimsical it’s hard to actually feel all that sad about the theme of the book. But, still, I found a way.

Since that purchase, my son has since crawled, walked and talked, among other things. He’s now more of a person than a baby. While I can’t say there’s much I miss about his earlier days (I’d surely be wistful for his time in a swaddle if he wasn’t such a good snuggler now, lucky for me), I feel like he’s changed more in the last few months than all the other months combined. If only someone had warned me that kids grow up quickly!

JK, everyone warned me. Even though I’m kinda in denial about it (“Can we still call him a baby while he’s literally running down the sidewalk, pointing and shouting at dogs?”), it’s become pretty clear that kiddo is, in fact, a toddler. Here’s how you can know if yours is, too:

They're... Ya Know... Toddling.


It’s so obvious, but sometimes it’s still tough to admit. Even as our baby started cautiously walking, bouncing from couch to ottoman to coffee table, my husband and I were curiously look at each other and gulp, ‘does this mean he’s a toddler?’  Despite my resistance, we both had to admit that yes, yes it did.

The Headline Of This Article Made You Emotional Before You Even Clicked On It


Oh man, you guys. I’m starting to do that thing where I’m looking longingly at my son’s newborn gear. And, it’s not because I’m ready for a second child, it’s because I’m baffled by the fact that my first isn’t technically a baby anymore. It’s giving me all the feels, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

They're Speaking A Language Only You And Your Partner Can Understand

I was always amazed at my friends who were able to translate the adorable gibberish that their kiddos were speaking to me. Now, I find myself doing the same thing. This week, our little guy is saying the word ‘balloon’ without even open his mouth. I’ll just give you a minute to picture it. Yes, it’s adorable. And no, I don’t expect anyone outside our family to get nearly as big a kick out of it as we all do.

You Have To Buy Real Shoes


Confession: My son wore those little canvas baby shoes a lot longer than I think he was supposed to. I’m a first-time mom, so I didn’t realize that they aren’t made for actual walking. I discovered holes in two pairs just this week and finally bought him some real ones, with Velcro and all. *sniff*

You Change More Diapers While He Runs Away From You Than You Do With Him On The Changing Table

Try as I might, my little has zero interest in laying still for diaper changes. He’s been twisting, turning, standing up, and attempting to leap off the table for months now. Depending on his (okay, and mine, too) mood, sometimes I forgo laying him down and just get him into a clean diaper while he strolls around whatever room we happen to be in. It’s not ideal, but it beats a meltdown.

You Have To Start Latching All the Doors In The House


He will push them open and expertly maneuver past the baby gates like a tiny Houdini.

You’re Constantly Finding Puffs And Cheerios in Your Pockets

How are they surviving the washing machine? Seriously?