7 Signs Your Baby Is Lactose Intolerant

As a new parent, there's nothing worse than realizing something is wrong with your baby. And because they don't have the ability to talk just yet, you can't pinpoint what's exactly wrong with them. When my sister first had my niece, she experienced situations like this and would become nervous as a result. Though most babies have moments where they will cry due to hunger alone, there are other instances where this is different, and being lactose intolerant is one of them. Being knowledgeable of the signs your baby is lactose intolerant will help you narrow down the possible causes of an irritated or sick baby.

According to the Baby Center, it is very rare that a baby is born with lactose intolerance. However, that doesn't mean that they can't develop it once they are born. Though there isn't anything that can be done to prevent a lactose intolerance for your baby, there are things that you can do to help them if they are suffering. Both monitoring how they react to small does of dairy products and reading labels before distributing food to them, are just small steps that can help.

Not sure if your baby suffers from lactose intolerance? These seven signs can help you figure it out.


They Have Bad Gas

Belly Belly noted that if your child is very 'windy,' that is a sign of them being lactose intolerant.


They Are Constantly Spitting Up Or Nauseous

According to Healthy Children, having a baby that is constantly spitting up or nauseous could be a sign of them being lactose intolerant, too. This could occur within minutes or hours of them consuming lactose products.


They Have Frequent Diarrhea

Raising Children noted that if your child has diarrhea of the frothy green color, they are lactose intolerant. This occurs because the unabsorbed lactose forces the intestines to retain the excess water, according to the site.


They Have Eczema

A common symptom of lactose intolerance is eczema, according to Livestrong. Being lactose intolerance can be a trigger for eczema, those who have it will see an increase in eczema symptoms when they consume dairy products.


They Have Extreme Bloating

Healthy Children noted that if your infant is continuously bloated, they may suffer from lactose intolerance. This, however, depends on the amount of lactose they consume.


They Are Having Trouble Gaining Weight

According to the Raising Children website, if your child is having trouble gaining weight, they could be lactose intolerant. That being said, if their weight and health are not suffering, the problem could be minor.


They Cry Excessively Or Have Increased Irritability

As noted on The Bump, if your baby is increasingly irritated or is crying excessively, they may be lactose intolerant. Being fussy after feedings is a common sign.