7 Signs Of Dehydration In Newborns

Having a newborn baby can be one heck of a learning experience. Though I don't have any children yet, watching my sister go through first-time motherhood has shown me that it takes a lot of work. From ensuring that your baby is eating enough to making sure they are sleeping correctly, my sister said that there are so many signs you have to watch out for when living with a newborn. The main things she told me to look for are signs your newborn is dangerously dehydrated.

When you have a newborn, it may be a little difficult to know what's happening with them — especially if you are a first time mom. Trying to figure out exactly what's wrong each time can be a little nerve wrecking and it can even be overwhelming. Even if you think you're giving them enough fluids to keep them nourished, their body and mannerisms may be telling you something else. So, having the knowledge of something as important as baby dehydration is extremely important.

If you're like me and just want to know as much as you can — even before it's actually needed — these seven signs of baby dehydration are sure to help you out.


They Cry Without Tears

According to Parents if there is your baby is crying but not producing tears, they could be seriously dehydrated. The site recommended that you should call 911 if this is sign is present.


They Go More Than Six Hours Without A Wet Diaper

Baby Center noted that going more than six hours without a wet diaper could be caused by a dehydrated baby. Since babies can become dangerously dehydrated very quickly, you should take your newborn to the emergency room as soon as you notice this sign.


Their Urine Is A Darker Color

According to What to Expect, if your newborn produces dark yellow or more concentrated urine, they could be dehydrated. It is recommended to call your child's doctor or take them to the emergency room to be rehydrated through IV fluids.


Their Mouth Is Dry

Parents also noted that if your baby has a dry mouth, they could be dehydrated. If they have an extremely dry tongue or mouth or are unable to drink fluids period, you should rush them to the emergency room as soon as you can.


They Have A Fast And Weak Pulse

According to Babble, a fast and weak pulse could mean dehydration. As like the above signs, you should get them to the E.R. as soon as possible.


They Have Sunken Eyes

Having sunken eyes is also a sign of extreme hydration, as Baby Center noted. If you think the case is mild, you can consult your pediatrician. However, since babies can become dangerously dehydrated quickly — as mentioned above — you should get them to the doctor or E.R. as soon as you can.


Their Skin Has Little To No Elasticity

According to What To Expect, if the elasticity in your newborn's skin is gone, dehydration is present. Not sure how to determine that? Pinch a portion of the skin on the back of your baby's hand. If it takes too long to flatten back it, they are suffering from dangerous dehydration.