7 Signs Your Place Is Haunted, According To A Psychic

If you notice that something seems "off" about your office, apartment, home, hotel room, garage, or really anywhere else, you might start to try to come up with reasons as to why you get that feeling. Maybe something's different in the space than when you were last there, maybe you have things going on in other parts of your life that are making you feel different there, maybe something happened. But if the thought crosses your mind that the area might be haunted, you need to know the signs your place is haunted, according to a psychic.

There are several different kinds of hauntings says Alice Thorn (her stage name), a psychic who has worked with a number of ghost groups in the US. The types of signs that you might expect to see can vary, depending on the type of haunting it might actually be. But Thorn says that, oftentimes, if the signs don't seem to indicate that the energy or being is aggressive, that you don't need to fear them. Melissa Bryan, a psychic medium and the author of Born into Shamanism, agrees that you don't need to be scared if you see signs that your space might be haunted. Bryan says that can just them telling you that they're present in the space too.

If you suspect that your space might be haunted, knowing the signs that psychics say you should look for can help you determine whether or not that may be the case. And if you determine that your space might be haunted and you feel uneasy about that, Thorn recommends trying feng shui or reaching out and asking for help.


Things Are Moving Around

If you hear something fall or otherwise move in your house, you probably search for an obvious reason for that: a gust of wind knocked that over, you set it too close to the edge, things like that. But Bryan says that things moving can be a sign that your space is haunted. "Sometimes you’ll see it, sometimes you’ll not, it’s just a noise," she explains.

If things are dramatically moving, like if a chair is sliding across the floor, that might be a sign that what's there is a little bit more "aggressive," Thorn says.


You Get A Negative Feeling There

Getting a certain feeling from a space might not be that unusual, and you may not typically give it a ton of thought. If you feel comfortable somewhere, great, and if you feel unsettled or creeped out, you might leave or move to another area. It's a gut-feeling thing. Thorn says that an overall negative feeling to the space is another potential sign that your place is haunted, however, and notes that the energy might be upset or even angry.


You Hear Footsteps

If you've ever heard footsteps (or thought you might have) when no one else was around, you may have just assumed that you misheard, but Bryan says that this too can be a sign that there's an energy there. "Footsteps are not anything to be afraid of," Bryan notes. "More often than not it’s a residual echo of something from another time and another space, or same space and another time, for that matter."


You Feel Like Someone's There

Feeling like someone is in the room with you when they're not, or feeling like someone is watching you when no one is there, can be a little bit unnerving, to say the least, but both Thorn and Bryan say that it's not necessarily a situation that has to be scary. Thorn notes that you could sense the behaviors and disposition of the energy that the person had when alive.

"If you have Grandpa coming to visit you, Grandpa’s going to sit on the bed and is going to make you feel comfortable and you’re going to feel the communication and lightness and everything, but if it’s a ghost that has anger or is discontent, you’re also going to feel that energy from them with the coldness and the negative feelings and the mood changes as well," Thorn says.


You Smell Something, But Don't Know Why

A strange smell that doesn't seem to have a real cause can also be something that catches you off-guard or puts you on edge, and can be another sign that there's an energy in your house, Thorn says. Again, this doesn't necessarily indicate anything sinister, just a presence.


It's Cold & You Don't Know Why

Getting a chill doesn't always have to do with an energy or spirit, but if there's no discernible reason for your chill, that could potentially indicate a haunting, both Thorn and Bryan say. "You’ll get like a cold chill, like a cold spot, [or] a really hot spot where you’re sweating and the rest of the room is cool," Bryan explains. It's another one of those things that can catch you off-guard.


You Feel Like Something's Touching You

Feeling like someone or something is touching you, particularly if it's seemingly unexplainable, can be a little bit off-putting too. Bryan says that she's experienced this herself in haunted places. This too can be a sign of a haunting, she notes.

Feeling that your space might be haunted can definitely be something that creeps people out a bit, even though Thorn and Bryan say that a lot of these things certainly don't demand fear, but knowing what to look for and feeling like you understand what's going on might help put your mind at ease a bit.