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7 Signs Your Pregnancy Dizziness Is A Much Bigger Issue

by Kristina Johnson

Figuring out which pregnancy symptoms are normal and which could be a cause for concern is no easy task. Some can seem really scary but turn out to be totally common, while others can seem trivial and turn out to be something much more serious. Dizziness can fit into either category. Sometimes it's just due to the way your pregnancy is affecting your blood pressure and blood flow, and the dizzy spells will soon subside. There are, however, some signs your pregnancy dizziness is a much bigger issue and needs to be checked out by your doctor ASAP.

As mentioned above, your dizziness can have a lot to do with your blood vessels. Your pregnancy hormones increase your blood flow and your heart rate, but slow down your circulation in the process, according to Parents. Dizziness can also be caused by the pressure that's put on your blood vessels by your growing uterus.

If a dizzy spell strikes, the Mayo Clinic suggested immediately laying down on your side until the feeling passes. You should also avoid standing up for long periods of time if you can and drink plenty of water to prevent them from happening. If none of those things are helping you feel better, it may be time to talk to your doctor.

Here are seven signs that could mean your dizziness is more serious than you realize.


You're Also Bleeding Or Feeling Cramps

If you're feeling dizzy and also experiencing any sort of vaginal bleeding or cramping, it's a major red flag. According to the American Pregnancy Association, this scary combination of symptoms could indicate an ectopic pregnancy or problem with your placenta.


You're Also Throwing Up A Lot

Vomiting and dizziness isn't a good combo. According to The Bump, if you're dealing with both, it could mean you have hyperemesis gravidarum— a super severe form of morning sickness that sometimes requires hospitalization.


You Faint

If you get so dizzy that you actually pass out, you need to let your doctor know. According to Kids Spot, dizziness and fainting in pregnancy can mean that you have anemia.


You're Also Super Hungry

Kids Spot also noted that dizziness can mean you've got low blood sugar. If you feel hungry or weak when your dizziness strikes, you may need to eat more frequently and up your protein intake.


You Get Dizzy Or Light-Headed When You Lie Down

Lying down is usually what makes dizziness go away, but if getting horizontal actually makes you feel worse, it could mean you've developed supine hypotensive syndrome, according to Baby Center. That means your blood pressure drops when you're on your back, leaving your head spinning. Lying on your side instead of your back should help.


You're Also Super Thirsty

If your mouth is feeling dry and thirsty when dizziness hits you, What To Expect noted that you might be dehydrated. Drinking tons of water should help keep the dizzy spells away.


You're Also Feeling Hot

According to Pregnancy Corner, feeling dizzy as you're enjoying the hot summer weather could actually mean that your pregnant body is overheating. Staying outside in the heat, overdoing it while exercising, or even turning the temperature too high during the shower can all make you dizzy. Pregnant mamas need to be careful not get so hot that they pass out and potentially injure themselves.