7 Signs You’re Kicking PPD’s Ass

More mainstream news and information about postpartum depression, or PPD, has done wonders to inform the general public about the truths behind this condition. PPD — which was once talked about in whispers behind closed doors — has more than one treatment option as well as a plethora of support groups both online and in-person. As you work to manage this condition, it's important to remember to focus on signs you're getting over your postpartum depression, because there's a good chance all your hard work is paying off.

Sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And in the midst of having a new baby and trying to understand PPD, it's easy to lose track of the positives. Throughout your recovery, you're bound to make many strides in the right direction. But since you're only human, it's likely that you haven't stopped to think about what those might be and give yourself some well deserved credit for being amazing. Since there is no quick fix for postpartum depression, putting in the work will be what shows you results. And even what feels like the smallest big of progress should be celebrated, because these seven signs you're kicking PPD's ass were hard earned.


You Connect With Others

No one likes to feel alone, especially when struggling with a serious condition. The website for the Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois, a group of doctors working to aid in recovery, explained that connecting with other women who have lived with PPD has been shown to make some mothers feel better.


You Feel Less Anxious

Feeling more in control and confident in your parenting could mean you are waving goodbye to a PPD symptom. Anxiety and panic attacks are often experienced by women with postpartum depression, as Mayo Clinic pointed out. Noticing that those anxious feelings are diminishing is an encouraging sign.


Your Appetite Comes Back

Women who struggle with PPD may experience a loss in appetite, according to the website for the American Pregnancy Association. The return of your normal appetite, may be the start of feeling more like your old self again.


Your Interests Sound Good Again

When you have a newborn in the house, there is little time for your personal interests. Add the feelings associated with PPD on top, and it's possible the things you loved before baby don't even sound fun anymore. You're definitely kicking PPD's ass when you start to feel interested in the activities you've always enjoyed.


You Sleep Better

Sleeping feels like a luxurious experience to new parents, but PPD can cause shut eye to be even more rare, as Baby Center pointed out. If you've been getting more sleep lately and find that nighttime is less of a struggle than before, you are on your way to showing postpartum depression to the door.


You Feel More Energized

Even the slightest spike in energy is cause to fist bump in the air. Feeling like you have more energy is a sign you're coming back around to your old self and your hard work to recover from PPD is paying off.


You're Happy With Your Mom Skills

As Dr. William Sears pointed out on his website, feeling like a failure as a mother is commonly felt by women with postpartum depression. Beginning to feel good about the mother you are and happy with your parenting choices shows that PPD is fading.