7 Sanity-Saving Sleep Training Apps

Sleep: it's a touchy subject for new parents. It seems like everyone and their dog has advice to help get your baby to sleep, but sometimes it feels like nothing works. In these cases, technology may be your hero. The number of sleep training apps available may help your entire family rest a little more easily each night.

When you're staring down into that crib in the early hours of the morning, it's unlikely you have much human company for backup. Those well-meaning advice givers are all asleep in their own homes while you're up with a wailing infant. In these instances, at least, your phone or tablet can offer some consolation and sage advice.

These apps can help you set up a sleep schedule, track your baby's progress, and make adjustments if things aren't going to plan. They are appropriate for different sleep training techniques as well, from Cry It Out to Pick-Up-Put-Down. Basically, these apps can act like a sleep coach in your favorite device. Available for both Apple and Android devices, and ranging in price from free to $5, they are an option for most every parent. Hopefully, you'll find the app that works with your family's needs.


Baby Sleep Trainer

If you're looking for a baby sleep training app, Baby Sleep Trainer ($1) is pretty much on the nose. Available for iPhone and iPad, this app offers parents a detailed plan for getting baby to sleep through the night. It even offers a timer to let you know how long to wait before checking on a crying baby.


Baby Sleep Training

In just seven days, your baby can be sleep trained. At least, that's the claim from Baby Sleep Training ($1), an Android app that offers a week-long sleep training program, complete with daily instructions and tips for better sleep habits.


Baby Sleep Training Guide

If you want an app with plenty of features for sleep training, then the Baby Sleep Training Guide ($3) has you covered. Made for iPhone and iPad, it includes facts, guides, and video lessons all about sleep training. Different techniques, such as the pick-up-put-down method, are also explained to help you pick an approach that works.


Baby Sleep Trainer

Dr. Ferber fans, unite. The Baby Sleep Trainer ($1) for Android walks you through the Cry It Out method like a champ and lets you create a custom interval session that works for you and your little one.


Baby Sleep Coach

In many cases, consistency is key to get your baby to sleep well at night. The Baby Sleep Coach (Free) helps iPhone and iPad users take charge of baby's sleep schedule. It walks you through each night's sleep routine.


Nod — Digital Baby Sleep Coach

This is a customized approach to infant sleep training. The Nod — Digital Baby Sleep Coach app (Free) for Android relies on the sleep patterns of more than 60,000 babies to create a personalized training technique for your little one. It's like a sleep coach in the palm of your hand.


Cradle — Baby Sleep Trainer

Want a customizable sleep trainer? The Cradle — Baby Sleep Trainer ($5) app for the iPhone helps you create a custom sleep plan for your baby. It also includes tips for teaching your baby to self-soothe at night.