7 Snapchat Filter Costumes To Make You Just A Little Cooler This Halloween

Since it's arrival into the lives of everyone who loves social media, Snapchat has continued to impress. Among the things that have caused a lasting impression are its lovely filters. From puppy dogs to scary zombies, Snapchat has literally thought of it all. Being that you have all of these awesome filters to choose from, your choices for Halloween costumes will be far from boring this year. Choosing from a few Snapchat filter costumes to head to your ghoultastic party will make you the envy of the scene.

Taking your favorite filter from the screen to real life is easier than you think because it really requires limited time, materials and money. So, if you're worried about spending too much ching-ching-ching, these costumes won't break your bank or your spirits.

Love the deer crown filter? Great. You can make it happen in real life for under $20. Flower crown filter queen? Yep, you can get that too for a decent amount. Whatever filter you fancy the most can become you in real life if you've got a creative mind and little bit of cash.

Not sure how to make it happen? These seven DIY costumes are a good place to start.


Deer Filter

Face Paint, $2, Party City | Fawn Ears, $10, Etsy

To turn yourself into a baby deer this Halloween, you'll need some white, brown, and black face paint, along with a pair of fawn ears. How's that for staying on budget?


Flower Crown Filter

Floral Wire, $4, Amazon | Greenery, 3, Amazon | Wire Cutters, $6 Amazon | Flowers, $15, Amazon | Glue Gun, $4, Amazon

To create the flower crown filter, you'll need to purchase some green covered floral wire, your choice of greenery, wire cutters, flowers — real or faux — of your choice and a glue gun.


Butterfly Crown Filter

Flower Wire, $2, Amazon | Sparkly Gold Butterflies, $18, aFloral | Wire Cutters, $6, Amazon | Glue Gun, $4, Amazon

To create this cute look, you'll need flower wire, sparkly gold butterflies, wire cutters, and a glue gun.


Puking Rainbow Filter

Googly Eyes, $8, Amazon | Rainbow Scarf, $15, Amazon | Silver Glitter Stars, $3, Amazon

If puking rainbows are something you like to do, transforming into this snapchat filter will be epic. All you need are a pair of googly eyes, a rainbow scarf and a pack of silver glitter stars to add on. If you prefer to go the make-up route though, you can check out Rclbeauty101's YouTube tutorial.


Puppy Filter

Brown Face Paint, $6, Amazon | Brown Headband, $4, Amazon

If the dog Snapchat filter is your favorite, this may be your go-to costume for this year. Grab some light brown and dark brown face paint. To create the ears — which you will attach to a brown headband — you can draw them out on paper, or create a felt version of them like HGTV did in their animal ear YouTube tutorial.


Temperature Filter

Rather keep it simple and just remind people how hot you are this Halloween? Carry your temperature with you at every party by becoming the Snapchat temperature filter. Just print out one of your favorite pictures, tape it on your shirt, and then glue your white temperature numbers on top of them.


Pop Art Filter

White Face Paint, $2, Party City | Red Lipstick, $1, Amazon | Black Face Paint, $2, Party City | Blue Face Paint, $5, Party City

Turn into your own work of art by becoming the pop art filter this Halloween. In order to nail this look, you'll need some white face paint, red lipstick, black face paint and blue face paint for your tears. If you need a little help getting along the way, Lysandra T's makeup tutorial will help you pull it together.