7 Soups That'll Increase Your Milk Supply & Get You Flowing

There is nothing like a warm soup to give you an energy boost when you're exhausted or under the weather. Feeling drained is something that is definitely not uncommon among nursing moms who are trying to increase their milk supply. Luckily there's a way to get both energy and make more milk in one delicious dish – soups that'll increase your milk supply.

There is a good chance you've never heard of them, but lactation soup recipes have been handed down for generation in East Asia. Galactagogues, or foods that promote breast milk production, such as seaweed, papaya, pig's feet, and fish, are staples ingredients in these soups. They are often given to mothers immediately after birth, and nursing mothers continue to drink these soups throughout their duration of breastfeeding.

These recipes aren't only for a nursing mom. They can be served with grains such as rice, barley, or quinoa and the entire family can enjoy a healthy meal. Don't be afraid if you haven't heard of some of the ingredients, most recipes will explain where to find them, or give you a more common ingredient that you can use as a substitute.

Check out these lactation soup recipes, that will help fill a nursing mom's belly and her boobs.


Korean Seaweed Soup

Oat Mama's Korean seaweed soup is a traditional lactation booster for new Korean mamas. The seaweed is the key ingredient to this recipe which also includes beef brisket.


Maryann’s Papaya Soup

Papaya is said to increase lactation. Maryann's papaya soup by The Soup Queen uses chicken thighs as protein, but vegetarians can alter the recipe by substituting the chicken with raw peanuts.


Pig's Feet Soup

According to Natural Remedies Center, pig's feet soup is a traditional East Asian home remedy that increases breast milk. As an added plus, this soup is said to improve your skin.


Green Papaya Fish Soup

Courtesy of Simply Mommie

Papayas are a common theme in many Asian lactation soup recipes. Simply Mommie's green papaya fish soup uses green papaya to better boost your milk supply along with yummy red snapper.


Anna Mama’s Postpartum Stew

Spirit Farmer Acupuncture's Anna Mama's postpartum stew is a take on a traditional Persian stew. Enjoy with a dollop of plain yogurt after giving birth to help boost your milk supply.


Papaya And Corn With Yams In Pork Broth

The Integrated Medicine Institute in Hong Kong shared a recipe for papaya and corn with yams in pork broth. Not only is this soup said to promote lactation, it is used to improve digestion, and can combat the fatigue you feel after giving birth.


Kale And Lentil Soup

Leafy greens and lentils encourage milk production. What's Cooking Good Looking has a delicious kale and lentil soup recipe which sounds like a fall dish, but you can totally eat year-round.