Viewers Can't Wait To See Their Favorite Celebs During The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and while some fans are only interested in the game, others are tuning in to watch the funny celebrity commercials. If you’re on the lookout for cameos from your favorite celebrities, here are seven star-studded Super Bowl commercials you won't want to miss on game day.

Sure the game itself is important, as is the spectacular halftime show, but advertising is one of the biggest parts of the Super Bowl. According to USA Today, last year’s Super Bowl drew the highest ratings of 2018, with a Nielsen rating far higher than any other telecast that year. With attention like that, the show is a marketing gold mine, and advertisers will do whatever it takes to win the attention of its huge audience. In fact, the hilarious commercials are often as much of a draw for viewers as the game.

Business Insider reported that this year CBS is charging over $5 million for a 30 second-spot during the game, and this costly price tag hasn't deterred big companies — including Anheuser-Busch InBev, Pepsi, Burger King, and Doritos — from purchasing air time. As usual, the commercials will be outrageous and hilarious, and plenty of them feature exciting celebrity cameos. If you’re hoping to catch one of these gems during the game, here’s are seven commercials to look out for.



Backstreet’s back alright. After digging into some Flamin' Hot Nacho Doritos, '90s pop sensation The Backstreet Boys join Chance the Rapper to create one of the hottest Super Bowl ads of the year.



The new Pepsi Super Bowl ad features Cardi B, Lil Jon, and Steve Carell, and together, they hope to prove that Pepsi is more than OK — or as Cardi B would say, "OKerr."



Tennis superstar Serena Williams can be seen front and center in the new Super Bowl ad for the social app, Bumble. The ad isn't gimmicky or funny, but it is hella inspiring.


Avocados From Mexico

In the Super Bowl ad for Avocados From Mexico, you’ll see Kristen Chenoweth, a Puppy Bowl, and some adorable puppies. Chenoweth, who is an amazing singer, attempts to give the puppies a singing lesson, but fans will have to wait until game day to see how avocados fit in.


Stella Artois

Fans of Sex and the City and The Big Lebowski will be thrilled to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Kurt Russell reprise their roles in this hilarious commercial for Stella Artois where both trade in their signature drinks for something new.



Viewers get up close to Luke Wilson in the new Super Bowl ad for Colgate.



There’s no question why soft drink company Bubly’ chose singer Michael Bublé to do their new Super Bowl commercial. He attempts to change the name of the flavored water with a Sharpie, and the result is hilarious.

Sure, only one team will go home with the Super Bowl Championship title. But with the amazing lineup of celebrity commercials this year, it looks like advertisers and viewers will be winning all around.

Super Bowl LIII airs Sunday, Feb. 3 at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.