Puzzle Over These 'Stranger Things' Theories While You Wait For Season 3

The newly-released trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things is a wild ride. While it didn't give away everything about the upcoming season, which premieres on Jul. 4, it did drop just enough clues to get fans' brains buzzing. These 7 Stranger Things Season 3 theories are based on the trailer, and they take advantage of every blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment to craft some compelling speculation.

A lot has changed since last season. The kids are growing up and becoming teenagers, leaving behind childish things for more mature pursuits. A mall has sprung up in Hawkins that sends the 80s vibe into overdrive, but it's not all Madonna cosplay and blue eyeshadow. There has always been darkness lurking in Hawkins and it looks like it's about to encroach on the lives of the protagonists once again.

Fans have analyzed every frame to try and figure out what direction the new season will take. With a bigger, badder threat on the rise, it's starting to seem like no one is safe — and on top of battling monsters, these kids have to put up with going through puberty. The Stranger Things Season 3 trailer emphasizes how much has changed, but some things are eternal. Like bizzarro monsters that want to eat you and your friends.

Change of Address

Reddit user TheHairyManrilla thinks Joyce might be looking to skip town, especially if the new mall puts her job in danger. And it isn't exactly a stretch that she'd want to leave. After your kid was eaten by a parallel universe and then possessed by monsters, you'd be looking for a change of address too. Joyce's late boyfriend Bob had suggested a move once before too, so it's in the realm of possibility.

Teen Angst, Take One

Though Season 3 is set in summertime, not everything will be idyllic. It looks like a fight might be brewing amongst the boys. Both Will and Dustin seem to feel left out from their coupled-up friends. And Mike can be heard telling someone, rather harshly, that they can't expect to just play games for the rest of their lives. Now that they're teens, some growing pains should probably be expected.

Twitter Will Be Furious

Reddit user hollisterr is confident that the worst will soon be upon us: they believe that Steve is going to bite the dust in Season 3. It would be particularly painful now that Steve has redeemed himself and become a huge fan favorite. The most beloved characters often end up on the chopping block because it's a guaranteed way to wring some emotion out of the audience. And Steve does appear to be in danger in the trailer, with at least one shot showing him screaming with something sticking out of his neck.

The Walking Dead

As Redditor Zero_hood pointed ou, there is an emphasis on rats and body horror in the trailer, which led some fans to believe infection could be an issue this season. Perhaps the rats acquired something from the Upside Down (by nibbling on those deceased demodogs or even passing through worlds themselves) and are now spreading it throughout Hawkins. Blahthemovie then speculated that the residents would start turning into zombie-like figures: a new army of the possessed for the monsters to utilize.

Alone Again, Naturally

One scene in the trailer shows Hopper sitting alone in a restaurant, then cuts to Joyce having dinner at home all by herself. Redditor JarvisCockerBB interpreted this as a date gone wrong: Joyce was supposed to be there, but instead decided to stand Hopper up. Considering Joyce's last boyfriend basically got mauled, it makes sense that she'd be a little skittish about a new relationship — if indeed she was supposed to be on a date with Hopper.

Teen Angst, Take Two

While the Stranger Things crew is often tied up with supernatural shenanigans and ominous government threats, dealing with normal teen stuff is just as much a part of their experience. They still worry about making friends and going to dances. It already seems like there might be some tension in the group in Season 3, but at least one fan thinks that it's not just caused by the boys growing apart. Redditor kerokerobonito123 thinks that Will might realize he's gay and possibly have a crush on one of his friends — which is complicated by the fact that they all seem to be pairing off. Unrequited love is a typical teenage problem, after all.

Once A Monster

There were several shots in the trailer of a strange bite on someone's arm that spreads poisonous black something through their body. Several Reddit users, including Aeshaetter and GrayMan108, speculated that Billy was bitten by something from the Upside Down and that it started to change his biology. Eventually, he would morph into the giant monster seen at the very end of the trailer. He was already bad news, so now his outsides might finally match his insides.

There are still a few months to go before you can marathon the newest episodes of Stranger Things, so fans have just enough time to fine-tune their theories before all is revealed.