7 Surprising Facts About 'OutDaughtered's Adam Busby

Anyone who is a fan of TLC’s OutDaughtered knows how adorable the couple at the center of the show are. Danielle and Adam seem to have mastered the art of marriage, even as they navigate the sometimes-tricky world of raising six children. But each are impressive individuals in their own right, and their love story is one of the most entertaining around. And while OutDaughtered fans may think they know everything about the show's busy and devoted dad, here are seven surprising facts about Adam Busby that you might not have heard before.

The father was well-prepared for life in a house full of kids. Danielle previously told Country Living that his love of kids is what made her fall for him in the first place. “I started to fall in love with [Adam] when I realized how much joy he had for kids, just like I did,” she told the magazine.

That love for all the parts of parenting has to come in handy when there aren’t just diapers to change and bedtimes to be managed but all that times six! But this dad is more than just a parent, he’s also a hard worker, a loving son, and a husband who is completely enamored by his wife. Here’s a closer look at this man among women.

He Wasn’t A Ladies Man

Adam met Danielle at the Target store where they both worked, according to a blog post Danielle wrote. His first words to her were the somewhat cheesy, “Hey beautiful,” which made Danielle think “Oh wow! You never talk to me and now you’re trying to hit on me…real smooth.”

After he asked her out, he ditched her on that first date to hang out with his buddies. Then, the second time he asked, he surprised her by taking her to a family birthday dinner for his sister where she met his entire family. Despite all that Danielle kept giving him chances and they eventually fell in love.

But He Loves His Seven Girls

Fit Pregnancy asked Adam what it’s like living with six daughters and a wife and he was adamant that he feels right at home.

“I feel honored to share raising six girls with my wife — what an awesome feeling it is. I am not embarrassed of all of the things that come with girls. I think about all of the love and time I had put into Blayke before the quints came. It was so special. Now, we have that multiplied by five and it's so humbling to think about,” he told the publication.

He Had To Rein In His Spending

On a few episodes of the show, the couple met with a financial planner to learn how to better plan for the future and use their resources wisely, according to ScreenRant. The move was prompted by Adam’s purchase of a drone that seemed like an extravagant choice.

“After the whole drone debacle, I’ve decided to hire a financial planner to help us get on track and move forward on this Busby train to success,” Danielle said during Season 2.

He Works In the Communications Industry

On Adam’s LinkedIn page, he lists his job as Key Account Manager, Business Development for a company named Intrinsic Solutions/Sprint Safety. According to BIC Magazine, Sprint Safety is “a leader in mission-critical and industrial two-way radio communication services in the Gulf Coast.” Intrinsic Solutions is said to serve the oil and gas industry in the region.

Busby says on his page that he’s been with the company since 2006. His LinkedIn connections have endorsed him for skills like sales process and sales presentations, so it sounds like his job is in sales.

He Loves Fitness

In this family, being busy is no excuse for missing your workouts. Adam has even created his own fun daddy-daughter workout that was posted on TLC’s website. He included lunges and bicep curls while using one of his daughters as resistance.

But he and Danielle are also part-owners of a cycling gym called Rush Cycle, according to In Touch Weekly. They own it with four other people who are close friends and live nearby, the publication reported.

He Struggled With Depression

Adam gave a very public face to a problem that doesn’t get discussed enough: male postpartum depression. According to The New York Times, about 10 percent of fathers suffer from the condition.

He told USA Today that telling his story was part of his road to recovery, explaining:

The message I wanted to get out there was you need to talk about it; you need to open up, even if it’s a spouse or a friend, just start talking about it. After I did that, it was just like this huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t feel that burden as much on a daily basis and wasn’t held captive by that anymore. You really start the healing process.

He’s Had To Get Used To Negativity

Putting your life in front of cameras is bound to come with some risk, since people will have all kinds of opinions about the choices you make and how you do things. As such, Adam has had to get used to reading some less-than-appealing words from viewers about the show and the family, according to In Touch Weekly.

Previously, he's mentioned that he’d “made the mistake of going on TLC’s page just to see what promo they were running for tonight’s episode and oh my gosh the comments,” he said in a video shared on Facebook. “I mean we’re pretty used to people commenting and speculating and critiquing…but, man, this just brings it to a whole new level.” On the video he wrote the words, “Just watch the episode”.

Hopefully the doting dad can turn off those voices and just enjoy the tremendous gifts he’s been given — six healthy and happy little girls are waiting every day to enjoy life by his side.

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