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7 Surprising Habits That Are Making Your Breath Smell Worse

Face it, everyone has suffered from a little bad breath. Whether it was when you first wake up in the morning or after a delicious meal, there have been times where your breath has taken a massive hit. Just as your daily diets can have an effect on your bodies and breath, some of your regular habits can too. In most cases, those habits are surprising habits that are making your breath smell worse than it should.

Although having a night out to hang with friends usually seems harmless, the aftermath of consuming certain foods and drinks, and not brushing after, can truly make your breath suffer. When I was in college, I had one particular friend who kept a toothbrush with her wherever we went. It didn't matter if we were going out to eat or heading to a bar downtown, she always kept her travel sized toothbrush with her. When I asked her why, she told me that bacteria lingers and brushing does something a piece of gum will never do. Though I always thought it was kind of weird for her to brush after she ate every single thing, I look back now and realize that her breath never had a bad smell to it. Sure, brushing your teeth in the bar bathroom might not be the preference of many, but if fresh breath is on the agenda, this may be something to consider.

Take a look at these seven habits that are could be making your breath suffer on the daily.


You Sleep With Your Mouth Open

Believe it or not, this causes more than just massive drool puddles on your pillow. According to Huffington Post, sleeping with your mouth open can also cause you to have bad breath due to the decrease of saliva being created and a drier mouth. Instead, try working on ways to sleep with your mouth closed.


You Chew Gum After You Eat

Bustle noted that chewing gum after you eat can actually make your breath smell worse. The sugars and carbs that gum possesses can leave a film on your teeth and gums for bacteria to latch on to, causing your breath to suffer. Bustle suggests popping in a fresh mint instead.


You Skip A Full Meal

As scary as it sounds, there are plenty of instances where people skip out on meals. The American Dental Association noted that skipping out on meals could cause halitosis. Try eating three to four hour full meals a day to avoid this.


You Skip Out On Carbs

According to Health magazine, being on a low-carb diet can cause bad breath as well because it is not receiving all that it needs.


You Brush Your Teeth At The Wrong Time

Although most people brush their teeth as soon as they get up, brushing your teeth before eating can cause bad breath due to the food being collected in between your teeth after eating, according to Colgate. If brushing before breakfast is a necessity, try to remember to brush after too.


You Use The Wrong Mouthwash

Dr. Gary Herskovits told Buzzfeed that if the mouthwash you use has alcohol in it, it can potentially dry you mouth out causing bad smelling breath. Give alcohol-free or antibacterial rinse a try instead.


You Drink Too Much Alchohol

Going out on the town for a night with the girls? Make sure there's not too much alcohol in the plan. Health magazine noted that alcohol dries out your mouth and triggers a certain odor when the body metabolizes alcohol causing your breath to suffer. Make a pact with the girls to not overdo it this weekend.